23. ‘Mama time’ is essential for self care

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mama time

Tip 23: Mama time is essential for self care &

why firing up your own creative spark is vital!


A few years ago I coined the phrase “MamaMoontime” to encapsulate the need for women/mother’s to dedicate the hours after the children have gone to bed to themselves.  I FIRMLY believe that is vital and necessary for us women to do this.  We spend our days (and our lives) CARING for others, and unless we place ourselves at the top of the care ladder (or at least somewhere on it) we will BURN OUT. That is an undeniable fact. So we need to stop being martyrs, putting everyone else – young and old-  before us, and make sure our creative cup is filled before we start sharing the juice.

We do it by blocking out an non-negotiable hour or two in our diaries, at least three times a week. We call upon husbands, partners, grandparents, babysitters, responsible flatmates, or friends to take control if need be.  This is why I suggest the ‘moontime’.  In all essence, the children will be (or should be) asleep and your backups won’t have to do anything at all. But knowing they are there just in case frees you up to delve deeply into the art of self-care and nourishment through the act of firing up your creative spark! There must be no excuses.

(Experience tells me that the ones who protest their inability to take self care ‘time out’ – “I’m too busy, too much work, need sleep, the housework, the kids, no time blah, blah, blah…” – are the ones who MOST NEED to take action.  Martyrdom is the fastest way to a nervous breakdown, chronic illness, and stress. Break the habit now, before it’s too late.)

And what to do in this non-negotiable time?  Well, that’s totally up to you.  Do what your heart tells you to do. Write. Sing. Play an instrument. Bake a cake. Experiment with raw/sugar-free/paleo/whole food recipes. Paint. Find a penpal. Decorate your nails. Refashion your home. Spend quality time with friends. Philosophise. But make sure to pay attention to this sparkly quote from William Butler Yeats.

“We are happy when we are growing”

Grow your creative fire. Put some new logs in place. Rip up some kindling. Light a match. Fire up. Or, take a bubble bath. Good ideas come in baths.

And if you want some new creative inspiration, visit my other slightly neglected blog for my ramblings on the necessity of a creative life for true deep and lasting happiness. You never know.  You might just find a seed for your dreams there.


Open your diary.  Block out an hour of self-care time today. Enlist your back-ups.  Then sit and write a list of your creative dreams. What is one thing you would most like to do if you had all the time and money in the world?  Today, take your hour to brainstorm HOW you might get there, in tiny steps, one hour, one day, at a time.

Action required:

Then start taking those steps!  Your MamaMoontime is the perfect opportunity.


Commit to the task by writing it down here in the comments below or in your 30 days of AWESOME journal. 


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