29. Parenting children without guilt

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Tip 29: Parenting children without guilt.

Accept your limitations with grace and love.


Being an AWESOME parent today (and that is all we are ever talking about – not yesterday, not tomorrow) doesn’t mean we always get it right. We are busy, with so.. so.. so.. much to do. The diary is full. But we need to remember that parenting children is about the long range view, and what we do right today, even if it is only one tiny thing, builds upon our efforts from yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and sets our children up for a wonderful future.

And we can accept our limitations with good grace. We may have endeavoured to craft with our kids, but finally understand that glitter and goo are just not our thing. Or perhaps tried to encourage goji-berry-maca powder-cacao-chia seed-flax-oil-packed green smoothies, but have fallen back on nutrigrain or coco pop cereals they’ll actually eat. Perhaps you, like me, have chosen to buy your fruit and veggies from the local market growers rather than grow them yourself, or have decided that 8.30pm bedtimes are quite ok in your household. We are all different, all striving to find the way that suits our tribe, and making peace with where we are at (and knowing and utilising our skill set) is one of the healthiest things we can do for our sanity and stress-levels. We do what we can do.

So, today, we may not channel our inner Nigella (Lawson, the voluptuous English cook) for every meal, or swan about with the calm presence of the Dalai Lama as our kids rage with sibling rivalry. We won’t travel through every transition in our day singing like Mary Poppins, with a smile on our face and rosy cheeks, giving syrupy sweet instructions, or craft like Martha Stewart, our creations shared worldwide on Pinterest.  Our homes probably won’t look like a perfectly styled magazine shoot, with everything in its’ place. And we might not get out of our pyjamas until lunchtime. It is ok.

But we may make our kids a nutrition-packed banana smoothie for breakfast (tick..) or get them to bed at 7pm and have time for three favourite books (tick..) or sing a song while they are in the bath (tick..) or thread an alphabet necklace with them for a friend’s birthday gift (tick..) or involve them in making  a dense carrot cake. (tick..)

One thing done exceptionally well. That is AWESOME.


Today, I’m asking you to write a list of all the good things you do with your children.  Do you take them to the park? or drive them to sport practice? Make delicious dinners or fill their lunch boxes with glorious whole food? Do you pride yourself on the children’s clean and neat appearance, and your meticulous care of your home? Are you a mama crafter, with projects for the children organised too? Do you sing, or dance, or write imaginative stories they love? Write this list and put it up on the fridge.

Action required:

Anytime you are tempted to criticise your parenting, or feel like you are not doing enough, take a good look at this list and remind yourself: You are AWESOME.


Commit to the task by writing it down here in the comments below or in your 30 days of AWESOME journal. 


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  1. Sonia

    Thanks Amber i have realy enjoyed these tips ! Soooo many great ideas !

  2. Amber

    Thank you Sonia! I’m going to make them into a small book so that everyone can have them to hand if they would like, instead of having to search through 30 links… hopefully this month sometime! Thanks for writing!!

  3. chanel

    Hello! This is my 1st comment here sso I just wanted to give a
    quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your articles.


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