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Do you:

  • hold a minimum of a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, or are happy to enrol in the course?
  • have, or are willing to gain, approved certification in First Aid, CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management Training?
  • have a passion for working with children?
  • have a willingness to go above and beyond when it comes to your work and career?
  • have a positive attitude towards paperwork?
  • have an interest in whole foods, healthy living, and see the world with open eyes?
  • want to work somewhere where ‘meaningful experiences’ are a normal everyday part of life?
  • want to spend lots of time creating, painting, crafting, drawing, cooking, baking, gardening, singing, storytelling, making movement circles, laughing and gently but firmly caring for little ones?
  • have a love of organisation, and love it when ‘everything has a place, a place for everything?
  • live in QLD or NSW?
  • have the ability to use your home or a nearby ‘venue’ as your approved workplace?


If you answered YES to these questions,

you are in the right place.  Read on. 


Key Themes supported by Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Educators

  • Educators value Sustainability, Nature, Seasonal Changes, and ‘Mother Earth’
  • Educators are Ethical and act with Integrity
  • Educators are connected and “conscious”
  • Educators offer Rhythmical Curriculums – daily, weekly, seasonal and celebratory rhythms support your group
  • Educators offer Whole Food cooking experiences, and enjoy happy mindful mealtimes WITH children
  • Educators are inspired to deliver Creative Education  (We guide and support you with all this)
  • Educators offer meaningful storytelling, songs, and circle times
  • Curriculums are earth-friendly, and include nature-based programs
  • Real-life tasks are meaningful and thoughtful and help children become self-regulating
  • Educators offer handmade toys, toys made from natural materials (recycled plastics, timber, cotton, sustainable fabrics) and toys with a history
  • Imaginative play (with loose parts) a focus of your programming – educators support children in ‘free play’ through the Principle of Imitation
  • No Craptivities eg ‘junk into junk’ art experiences
  • “Truth, Beauty, Goodness” is your foundation stone
  • Community values and personal growth are two of your professional and personal goals for your chosen career
  • Educators offer Festival and community gatherings, supported by service staff
  • Sacred rest is important.
  • Happy and healthy, trusting relationships with the children in your groups is your number one goal.

Service provisions to you.

  • CCB and CCR approved
  • The ability to charge what you believe you are worth, within our schedule of fees ($10.05 – $14.50 per child per hour) as a result of the commitment you have to training and working as a holistic educator.
  • Provider and/or Source of training (mandatory training such as CPR, first aid, child protection etc)
  • Provider of our RBFDC signature “Foundation Training” modules to guide you in holistic education and what that means on a practical level (10 sessions)
  • Provider of our signature CREATIVE BOOSTER workshops (weekend dates)
  • A once-a-year conference (commencing late 2016)
  • LOTS and LOTS of support with planning, documenting and critically evaluating your curriculum and program in line with the EYLF/NQS/QIP
  • Weekly/fortnightly/three-weekly visits with a field co-ordinator for mentorship moments and support (depending on skill and experience)
  • Access to Phone Support at all times
  • CCB/CCR processing on your behalf
  • We take care of all family payments and make payments to you weekly!  No chasing up fees!  Focus on the children’s learning as you want to.
  • Wonderful Set Up support
  • Family referrals
  • Toy library
  • Craft/supplies shop (commencing 2016)
  • A once-a-year conference (commencing late 2016)


Meaningful and Well-Paid work as an Early Childhood Educator

If you are looking to make your vocation your vacation, AND want MEANINGFUL, fulfilling work in the early childhood sector, with a focus on self development, personal growth, connections with a creative ‘tribe’ of colleagues, and the ability to “fire up your creative spark!”, please read all the information in this section and then call our field coordinator Victoria on 0448 996 630 to arrange a home-based interview.


Or email us at and we will send you a copy of the Fit and Proper Service Membership Application Form, our Training Calendar, and the Residence or Venue Assessment Form.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

NB:  Please do not leave any comments on this site. Please email us DIRECTLY at for more information. 

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