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become a family day carer


Want the Best Job in the World?


Become a Family Day Carer / Educator.

Here’s 15 reasons why we think it is so!

1. You are your own boss.

2. You are allowed to set your hourly rate based upon what you think your skills, abilities, qualifications, the program/curriculum you provide, and your environment are worth. You no longer work for an ‘hourly’ rate based upon your age or years of experience, with tiny incremental wage increases once a year. (Our educators earn between $36 and $58 an hour gross when they are full.)

3. You work from your home.  Children and families come to you. No more wasted time commuting to work. No petrol expenses to get to work either. Spend this time creatively planning your curriculum and what you’ll be doing with the children instead. (A note on your creativity – the sky is the limit! In our service, we help educators by providing super fun art and craft workshops to give you ideas and skills.)

4. If you love children and enjoy their company, then planning fun activities for them is not “work” – it’s fun. (If you don’t love children though, this job is not for you.) The children will look at you with stars in their eyes! They think YOU are amazing. You are! And in family day care, you have the time to work on longer-term meaningful individual projects instead of mass-produced ‘craptivities’.

5. While it may take a few weeks to settle children into your daily rhythm, and tears and tantrums in the early days may concern you, we guarantee that within a month or two, you’ll look back at this and laugh and be amazed at how quickly you are able to feel a sense of ‘holding the space’ for the children.

tree vine become a family day carer

6. A small group of four children of mixed ages is just like a big family, and children for the most part, enjoy one another’s company.  Unlike a room of 12 toddlers all winding each other up and needing constant attention or redirection. There’s no need to play referee! Hooray for small blessings.

7. It’s an excuse to buy cool natural toys and resources. Shop away, then keep the receipts and claim them on your tax.

8. Speaking of tax, family day carer educators may be able to claim many deductions – a portion of your electricity and phone bills, food used in cooking experiences, art and craft materials, consumables such as cleaning products and stationery, professional development opportunities, gardening equipment, pet food for family day care pets and chickens, kitchen gadgets used in your program, fuel for excursions and outings, insurance costs, and depreciative value on furniture, whitegoods, and vehicle. (Please see a tax accountant for your specific scenario).

9. While there is some daily paperwork involved, the majority of your day is spent in BEING with the children. No rushing from job to job, or task to task, or child to child. Family day care has a much slower and more enjoyable pace, that allows you to bond deeply with each child. For most educators, this is the highlight of their work.

10. There is much more flexibility in how you can be with the children. You educate how you choose to – if you want to sing, sing. If you want to read books, read books. If you want to go outside, you go outside. No waiting or negotiating with other rooms or groups to use the space or equipment.

vegie garden become a family day carer

11. You are able to set up your space as you see fit and are not limited by having to negotiate with other educators who may have different opinions or goals. Your inner creative interior designer can run wild!

12. You are creating a community of families.  Some educators educate and care for a number of children in the one family over a number of years. Families love you and hold you in high regard.

13. You are invited to be create a family festival once per season.  This festival is an opportunity to have fun with your families outside of normal care hours. These are opportunities to make memories of fun teddy bear picnics, winter spirals, spring games days, summer beach days, and crafty gatherings.

14. You get to be home when your children come home from school. You get to walk them up to the bus stop in the morning. They don’t have to go to afterschool care, saving you lots of money.  They often like to join in your program too!

15. If you feel so inclined, you can cook your dinner, hang out your washing, spot clean and do general tidy ups during your working day to save rushing after work. Another bonus of working from home.

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