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Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care is are NOT just a childcare service.


Our aim is to create small pods of big hearted, loving, caring and creative communities within the larger community of where we live, with educators at the centre holding the space, children and families radiating out from that, and the Service and Community wrapping their arms around for extra warmth.

How do we do this?

  • through our intention as directors to be warm, open-hearted, kind and generous individuals who take the time to care for all members of our community
  • to hear what our community is saying, and to respond in a timely fashion to complaints and grievances without judgement (we love ‘feedback’- it helps us to improve!)
  • to create opportunities for growth, change, and creative development for all our community members with workshops, family festivals
  • to support our educators with their daily practice and interactions with your children through a fabulous series of foundation trainings, mentorship moments, Saturday workshops, creative boosters, seasonal craft workshops
  • to support our educators to rejuvenate and recharge with wonderful food, creative inspiration, and regular opportunities to gather with colleagues
  • to share what our educators are each doing in their seasonal programs via newsletters, storytelling on the website, and at festivals and community gatherings
  • to provide our community members with opportunities to make friends while learning something new.


From 2016, we have a whole raft of new holistic and artistic skills such as making kombucha, the ‘spiritual’ task of making bread, felting, crafts, singing, weaving, dyeing, nature crafts, on offer in our Parent & Friend workshops. Come along!

Our Focus:

  • Sustainable
  • Ethical and integral
  • Connected- paying attention to seasonal rhythms and energies
  • Rhythmical in daily, weekly and celebratory plans and routines
  • Home-like environment. The children participate in real-life activities every day.
  • Human relationships between educator and child is key. There are NO televisions used to ‘entertain’ your children at any time nor screens to get in the way of a genuine relationship and connection with each child.
  • The daily work of life, such as cooking, baking, cleaning, polishing, washing, drying and sorting, is the backbone of our educator’s programs, giving children a role model for imitative play, as well as an opportunity to join in, develop self-regulation, and independence.
  • Healthy food- our educators strive to offer organic, whole-food as close to its natural state as possible
  • Raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, sugar-free, wheat-free? Our educators work with families to support each child’s individual needs.
  • Earth-friendly, nature-based values
  • Community engagement- festivals and community gatherings
  • Imaginative play is our central focus (educators use storytelling, singing, circle times, direct instruction, and imitation to help children build and develop their creative inner forces for play so you no longer have to be an ‘entertainment director’)
  • Quality art and craft experiences, often with a long-range focus or ‘real-life’ use (eg painting and sewing a pillow for resting)
  • Mindful recycling in art and craft- not ‘junk’ for ‘junk
  • Gardening experiences, composting, worm farms, growing food “Paddock to Plate”
  • “Learning’ occurs throughout ALL activities, tasks led by the educator but most predominantly through the children’s play
  • Maths, science, language, and art are equally valued.


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