How to Make Banoffee Pie – the MOST scrumptious cake in the WORLD!

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how to make banoffee pie

How to Make Banoffee Pie     In 2010, my mother-in-law made this as one of her numerous Christmas desserts.  It was on the list because her youngest son is a fan. It is his favourite. It is now my favourite ever dessert too!    Oh my. How my world changed that day. I have NEVER known such deliciousness and…

How to make carob balls with a twist -Carob Tahini Rice Puff balls

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how to make carob balls

How to make Carob Balls Back in 2009, when I first began writing this little ol’ blog, this was the very first recipe I posted. It’s the perfect children’s cooking experience for educators leading up to Christmas as they can be frozen in batches of 9 in individual zip lock bags. (So, each child makes ten of these balls –…

How to make a natural Rainbow Cake!

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how to make a natural rainbow cake

How to make a natural Rainbow Cake! I’ve been loving all these rainbow cakes I’ve been seeing for a year or so on Pinterest, and also on friends blogs and facebook pages. BUT even though I love the vibrant colours, I’m not too keen on EATING that stuff. Not for me, definitely not for my kids. So I’ve been wondering…

Quick Easy Healthy Lunch Box Ideas: Parent Tip

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quick easy healthy lunch box ideas pm

Quick Easy Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for the first day of school AND all the days after that too when you need fresh inspiration! As we all prepare for school to begin, the one thing that frightens me is the task of filling the school lunch boxes again.  To ensure that Ned is not subjected to the horrors of soggy…

Michia’s Chai: Chai tea suppliers for lovers of good chai

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michias chai

Michia’s Chai: Chai tea suppliers If you LOVE chai, you’ll love Michia’s concoctions.   Be sure to read on for a very special sale. Starts today!   Michia is a local girl on the Gold Coast making the freshest Chai around. Operating for over 3 years now, Michia’s Chai grew quickly once people found out about its handcrafted Ayurvedic goodness…

How to make a healthy eggnog smoothie that tastes divine!

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healthy eggnog smoothie pm

Healthy Eggnog Smoothie Recipe Perfect milky treat for the festive season   I’m not a huge fan of traditional eggnog but this healthy eggnog smoothie is to die for. Oh my. It is good. I’ve made it four days in a row now, and I’m making it again tomorrow. The key ingredient is the three dates. Don’t even think about…

Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls Recipe

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raw chocolate bliss balls recipe2

Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls Recipe I am a chocolate devotee. I do kneel at the altar of chocolate. It is my one vice that I cannot give up. Yet for seven years, I did just that. God knows how. But after Ned was born, I spied a chocolate bar wrapper and that was the end of my abstinence. (Since then,…

Easy Welsh Rarebit Recipe On Toast

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Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast

“Welsh Rabbit” Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast   When I was a little girl growing up, my Grandpa was known for his speciality recipe all of us grandkids just loved, and demanded. He called it ‘Welsh Rabbit’. These days, I know it as ‘welsh rarebit’ but honestly, as a kid, I did think Welsh Rabbit was the real name….

Red Lentil Dhal With Coconut Milk Recipe

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Red Lentil Dhal With Coconut Milk Recipe

Red Lentil Dhal With Coconut Milk Recipe Brought to you by McKenzies Last Friday night, it was getting late and I hadn’t even thought of dinner. I was super-unprepared too as I hadn’t even taken any meat out of the freezer. What to do? Luckily I did have some red lentils for my Bean Challenge so a quick Friday night…

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe With Kidney Beans

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flourless chocolate cake with kidney beans

  Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe with Kidney Beans Otherwise known as ‘Magic Bean Cake’ Brought to you by McKenzies Last week it was Ned’s Spring Festival, and as we do for these events, everyone takes something to share. It just so happened that I had been given the challenge of using a selection of legumes and beans in a few…

Sugar-free Strawberry Tart Recipe

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strawberry tart pm

Sweet (but sugar-free) Strawberry Tart Recipe I love a good strawberry tart.  Actually, any kind of fruit tart. But most recipes have quite a bit of sugar, so I thought I’d see if I could find a way to jiggle it a bit so I can eat them.  (Yes, I’ve been sugar-free again for just over 2 months and my…

White fish, zucchini, and corn chowder recipe

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white fish corn chowder pm

  Happy 1st day of Winter! (or Summer, should you be Northern Hemisphere bound)   As the weather begins to cool here in Northern NSW, and we head towards winter (oh, perhaps this year I’ll be able to wear those three new hand-knitted scarves I bought two years ago?), I start to crave warming foods such as soups and chowders….

Healthy Smoothie Recipe: Cacao and Banana

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healthy smoothie recipe

Healthy Smoothie Recipe I gave up sugar (for the 100th time) five days ago, but just before I did, I made this healthy smoothie recipe for Ned and I: delicious cacao and banana.  It’s our take on the smoothies our neighbour Glen makes for his juice business, but with a little bit more goodness! Here is the healthy smoothie recipe:…

Healthy and delicious Beef Stroganoff recipe

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beef stroganoff

  As the weather here begins to cool, I start to crave beef stroganoff. It is one of my favourite meals ever, and the fact I can eat it with rice is even better. I LOVE sticky white rice. I’m sure it is a throw-back to the months I spent in Japan as a teenager that I could happily eat…