Waldorf Verses for Morning Tea

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waldorf verses for morning tea

Waldorf Verses for Morning Tea   I have been singing (and singing!) during my work with young children for many, many years. In Waldorf settings, we sing or say a blessing before meals. I like this idea, even though it was not something I was brought up with at all. I have seen this singing moment transform a busy mealtime into a…

Six Fun Things to Do with Rainbow Silks

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rainbow silks

Ideas on how to use a Rainbow Dip-dyed cloth    Avril (below) was a presenter for a rainbow dip dyeing workshop. Look at the lovely rainbow silk cloths she dyed with her group. Later in the week, we had a group discussion to share some ideas on how we could use these cloths with children in imaginative play.     One…

20 Eco Friendly Party Bag Ideas that won’t break the bank!

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how to make eco friendly party bags post it notes

20 Eco friendly party bag ideas that won’t break the bank!   One of my favourite things about being a mum is organising my children’s birthday parties.  I may be a sucker for punishment but there is wonderful creative opportunity and a chance to ‘fire up my creative spark’ for children and families who really do appreciate our efforts.  My…

How to Make Toy Horse Reins (Children’s toy)

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how to make toy horse reins

How to make Toy Horse Reins using fingerknitting and a piece of handmade felt!   Over the years, the horse reins from felt and fingerknitting have proved to be a big favourite with children and adults alike.  They are super simple, yet really effective, and are often the first ‘toy’ that a mother makes for her child with her own hand.  It…

Free Treasure Hunt Games For Children

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free treasure hunt games for children

Free treasure hunt games for children   A little while ago, I took Ned to his friend Q’s birthday party. Q and his family live on a lovely property with lots of trees, perfect for this party game. It’s a treasure hunt with a difference. To make it, you’ll need as many paddle pop (ice lolly) sticks as you have…

Recipe for a Happy Day

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recipe for a happy day

Recipe for a Happy Day Ingredients: 1 cup of friendly words 2 heaped cups of understanding 4 heaped teaspoons of time and patience A pinch of warm personality A dash of humour Method: Measure words carefully.  Add heaped cups of understanding.  Use generous amounts of time and patience. Cook on front burner but keep temperature low. Do not boil. Add…

How to make Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments

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how to make quick and easy christmas ornaments

How to make Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments Something to keep the kids busy on Christmas Eve. Brought to you in collaboration with Staedtler   Are you kids driving you mad today?  Are you running out of ideas to keep them busy and out of your hair?  If so, you’ll love this tutorial- how to make quick and easy christmas…

Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with icy pole sticks

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Make simple Christmas Tree ornaments using icy pole sticks!

Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with Icy Pole Sticks Brought to you by Crayola Last week, I visited one of our educators who was making simple Christmas Tree decorations with miniature icy pole sticks (popsicle sticks).  They were so cute, and something the children could easily do. Our educator had seen this craft in her daughter’s preschool room and had…

New! Busy Builders Truck Toys from Tiger Tribe

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Tiger Tribe Busy Builders Trucks

Busy Builders Truck Toys New from Tiger Tribe. Oh my. My boys are lucky little things. Have a look at these new Busy Builders Truck Toys they can now play with. Talk about an early Christmas present!  Busy Builders are a new design from Tiger Tribe, my favourite Australian toy brand, released just in time for Christmas. The trucks, of…

Guess what? The PNP North Pole Santa Video is back!

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PNP north pole santa video

Yay for Christmas time. The most wonderful time of the year. Hot tip: do this now! The PNP North Pole Santa Video. This is magical for your little ones. If you haven’t yet done this, don’t wait. The PNP (Portable North Pole) Santa Videos are back. I first found this for Ned about 4 years ago, and created a video…

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

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how to make a pop up christmas tree card

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card Super Simple!  Make these with the children at playgroup and family day care for end-of-year celebrations too! With thanks to Staedtler Shhhh!  Don’t tell.   We’ve invited our Rainbow Bridge FDC educator team to a very fun ‘Festive Cookie Baking’ night where we will all bring along a batch of our…

Advent Time Preparation- a celebration of the Four Kingdoms of Life

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advent time preparation

Advent Time Preparation. What is Advent?   Many of us know a little bit about “Advent” and marking time to Christmas by those little cheap cardboard calendars they sell in all the supermarkets come this time of year.  You know the ones- covered in Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, Ben 10, Spiderman motifs and filled with a little piece of…

How to make a Simple Nativity Scene using a basket and blue cloths!

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How to make a simple Nativity Scene main

DIY Nativity Scene   Have you ever wondered how to make a simple Nativity scene?  This simple presentation might become your favourite, as it is mine.  It can be used as an ‘Advent Calendar’ too.I love this Nativity scene so much that I can’t wait to unpack it each year. Even if one year I decided to go for the…