Waldorf Verses for Morning Tea

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waldorf verses for morning tea

Waldorf Verses for Morning Tea   I have been singing (and singing!) during my work with young children for many, many years. In Waldorf settings, we sing or say a blessing before meals. I like this idea, even though it was not something I was brought up with at all. I have seen this singing moment transform a busy mealtime into a…

Spring Songs For Kids Youtube: “I Like The Flowers”

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spring songs for kids youtube

 Watch Amber sing a spring song for kids on Youtube   Whenever I hear a lovely tune, there is nothing worse than being unable to recall it later. So now, I’ll often sing it into my iphone so I remember it. Doing this helps me to keep the song tune as close to the original as I can. You see,…

Winter songs: Lanterns on the Banksia Trees

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winter songs

Winter songs: “Lanterns on the Banksia trees” I do love to have Australian-themed winter songs, especially as I live in an area where winter involves about a week’s worth of cold days. Songs of snow, and frost, and icy breath doesn’t really fit… I bought three beautiful hand-knitted and hand-crocheted scarves two years ago and I’ve yet to wear them….

Winter songs: My Lantern, My Lantern

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winter songs

Winter songs: My Lantern, My Lantern (author unknown)   I love winter songs, especially sweet simple winter songs that can be sung in a round with small children during Lantern walks or candlelit spiral celebrations.  This song is one that we sang at my son’s Winter kindergarten festival.  How lovely it was to sing this lovely melody over and over…

The Autumn Star Fairies Song for children

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star apple puppet show

The Autumn Star Fairies Song on Youtube There are some songs for children that just capture your attention and melt your heart.  This song, The Autumn Star Fairies, is one of those!  I just love it. Ned’s teachers at school sing this song, and he has been singing it at home for weeks. I’m so pleased that they were happy…

The Lamplights “Hopping Mouse” song for children

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One of the most enjoyable parts of raising a young child again (13 years after the first) is that I get to indulge in children’s music again.  Not the boring, repetitive junk food type music that often dominates the marketplace but heart-filled music that appeals to audiences of all ages.  I have to say I’ve become a big fan of…

Buy your own glockenspiel from Honeybee Toys Australia

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A few weeks ago, I finally bought my own glockenspiel! I have really missed it. I use it all the time- from helping Ned go to bed, to opening or closing a storytime, to calling friends in for dinner.  I love it. This one came from HoneyBee Toys in Melbourne. Why not stop for a visit? Its such a great place…

How to capture and retain the joys of music and song with children

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Last night, I spoke of some of the concepts that American musician, Eleanor Winship shared with us recently. Music was her theme. In times of the past, music was revered. There were only two ways you could hear music. You either found someone to play for you, or you learned to play yourself. As lovely Renee (one of the attendees) pointed…