Toadstool cushion stepping stones by Natalie Cairncross

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How to Make Toadstool Cushions & Stepping Stones      Storytime Magic is Coming!  A Toadstool Cushion for You ….     Ever wanted your little ones to have their very own toadstool cushion at home?  I know I have!  And it’s a nice way to tie in playgroup routines (such as gathering in a circle on the mat) with…

Collecting Colour from Nature book by Kylie Dunstan

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Ned and I have just been reading this book. It is a story of how Indigenous Australians weave baskets, mats and bags from pandanus palms to use for collecting bush food, carrying shopping from the supermarket and holding babies. The story also shares the way that family members search the native bush to collect colour from nature to dye the…

Transforming gun play, Part Two.

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A few days ago, I wrote an article about the idea of ‘transforming’ gun (and sword) play. Interestingly, someone found the idea that I would want to change a child’s gun play (and therefore, something that arises from their true nature) into something else, a little bit offensive. (This was interesting to hear, not least because in my examples of…

How to stop or transform ‘gun’ play in young children

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  In my many years of working with young children, I have learned to ‘look behind’ outward behaviours to try to understand the archetype of what a particular behaviour might really be about.   When I have an inkling of what the child might be striving for with a particular play style or game, it can be a dual win….

What to do when a preschool circle or story doesn’t work?

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For the past week, I have spent hours learning a new story circle about a pancake that ‘jumps out of the pan and away he ran’.  I’ve never done this one before, and I have had so much fun playing around with the simple actions. This story circle is filled with movement- the children jump, run, do horsey kicks, bounce…

Indigenous Landscape for storytelling by Fibre Artist, Christina Lane

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My needlefelting friend, Christina, of Fruits of Heart, was recently commissioned by my friend Tania, to create this indigenous landscape. A stickler for detail, Christina hand dyed the colours to match native soil and researched the style of dwelling until she was sure she could recreate it as close to the original as possible.   Check out the detail! A…

Planting the Magic Rainbow Seed Circle Game for home, kindergartens and playgroup use by Amber Greene

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Planting the Magic Rainbow Seed Circle February 2011 Movement is a key element of helping children and adults to switch on their memory, and also aids in building the synapse pathways in the brain.  Movement suggestions are in bold. Props: A plain silk ribbon attached to a wand stick is wound up, and tied with a rubber band. A bunch…

The Christmas Spiders by Natalie O. Kononenko

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Don’t you just love a Christmas story that focuses on the beauty and goodness of the simple things in nature?  Years ago, I came across a lovely story called The Christmas Spiders by Natalie O. Kononenko in some random book and I have loved it ever since. I took the seed of this story and made it our own for…

Therapeutic Storytelling with Susan Perrow

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I’m so fortunate to know Susan Perrow. She is a master storyteller extraordinaire. In past posts, I have shared something of our adventures with Susan in making up and sharing games. Recently, though, a group of women, including myself!, were lucky enough to participate in Susan’s famous Therapeutic Storytelling Workshop held at our local beautiful “child-love-and-care centre”, Fingerprints. I love…

Storytelling with Sandra Frain

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A few weeks ago, I organised and participated in a Storytelling workshop with Sandra Frain as our guest presenter. I love storytelling and good story, and I love to be inspired by great storytellers. Sandra lives story with every breath. It is not something to learn, or do at a certain time with particular props, or to be read only…

Handmade Story prop ideas for Hungry Little Caterpillar Story Idea #2

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When I was storing my props, I came across a long-forgotten set. This ‘cocoon’ was some fleece rovings that had unintentionally felted into this shape. Perfect, I thought, and set to work! My caterpillar (of course, I made two heads- One for caterpillar and one for butterfly). The felt ball was felted around a knot in a piece of silky…

Creative storytelling idea and handmade props for The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

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hungry caterpillar with fruit props

I love telling stories to children. But telling stories to children under 5 is very different to telling stories to kindergarten age children. The biggest difference is their attention span, but also the younger child’s need (want) to join in! In a playgroup situation, similar to a home with siblings, there is a variety of listeners. Babies, toddlers, 3 &…