How to Finger Knit: a how-to tutorial

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how to finger knit

How to Finger Knit   Fingerknitting is king of crafts! For years, I have watched little children transform into master creators just through the learning of this simple skill. It just has so many uses. Why not ask a child for some ideas? An instruction verse for finger knitting. One way to teach finger knitting is to use a small action story…

Something NEW happening here!

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rainbow chalk boy

Want to know a little secret?   This blog is about to undergo a bit of a revamp. Super excited! I’m going to meld my crafty fun work with my ‘family day care’ work so it’s all in ONE PLACE! It will mean I have more time to post here more regularly, and share more fun activities for you, and…

How to Nuno Felt a Silk Scarf

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how to nuno felt a silk scarf

Want to know how to nuno felt a silk scarf? Read on…   Here we are, my friend Carrie and I at “Saviour of the Lost Arts” about to begin our Nuno Felting scarf workshop.   Our teacher was Julie of The Mountain Spinnery.  Julie is about to start teaching classes in Woolloongabba.  Visit her website for details. Why not make…

How to Make Toy Horse Reins (Children’s toy)

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how to make toy horse reins

How to make Toy Horse Reins using fingerknitting and a piece of handmade felt!   Over the years, the horse reins from felt and fingerknitting have proved to be a big favourite with children and adults alike.  They are super simple, yet really effective, and are often the first ‘toy’ that a mother makes for her child with her own hand.  It…

How To Sew A Small Doll By Hand

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how to sew a small doll by hand1

How to sew a small doll by hand No. 21 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: ‘The Fonz’   Isn’t it funny how crafty projects can take on a life of their own? I know that each doll I’ve been making of late has begun life as a ‘project’, and has morphed into a ‘personality’ or a ‘character’.  This…

Paper Finger Puppet Dolls For Storytelling

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Finger Puppet Dolls For Storytelling

30 Days of Dolls: Paper finger puppet dolls for storytelling No. 12: A Finger Family for Nursery Rhyme Fun In my quest to make a variety of dolls in this 30 days of dolls series, I wanted to be sure to make dolls out of all kinds of materials. Doll making doesn’t have to be limited to using fabric or…

DIY Christmas Angel Peg Dolls

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christmas angel peg dolls

DIY Christmas Angel Peg Dolls   Inspired by Margaret Bloom’s new book “Making Peg Dolls and More” published by Hawthorn Press, I decided to tackle a project I’ve had on my to-do list for a while now. To make Christmas Angel peg dolls. I’m a little bit in love with how they turned out.  Ooooooo! Cute! If you want to…

DIY Santa Stop Here Sign for the front door handle

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santa stop here sign

DIY Santa Stop Here Sign for the front door handle Brought to you by Staedtler Our house decorations this year are non-existent. Nil. Nothing. But Ned and Jack do need some kind of sign, a notice of sorts, to ensure Santa does stop here this year. So I made this simple one using these Staedtler Wax Twister Crayons, in a…

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

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how to make a pop up christmas tree card

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card Super Simple!  Make these with the children at playgroup and family day care for end-of-year celebrations too! With thanks to Staedtler Shhhh!  Don’t tell.   We’ve invited our Rainbow Bridge FDC educator team to a very fun ‘Festive Cookie Baking’ night where we will all bring along a batch of our…

Giveaway Winners! Update.

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Hello everyone! I will post the winner’s names of all the Giveways of the past week tonight once my children go to bed!  I’ll also post them on Facebook.  Good luck! Amber   PS: Keep an eye here for three more giveaways over the next 3 days too!

How to make a pom pom flower

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how to make a pom pom flower

Gee I love pom poms…those puff balls of magic. I sometimes wonder who was the first person to come up with a pom pom, and why? I can’t imagine the first  person who sat there and thought.. “If I put two circles of cardboard together and wind wool yarn around them, I can make a puffy ball of fluff. I…

How to make a pom pom with yarn for an apple prop or decoration

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how to make a pom pom with yarn

How to make a pom pom with yarn Pom Pom apples for an Autumn nature table display I really love the simplicity of a few wrapped branches in baby glass bottles and a tribe of pom pom apples. Such an easy craft but super cute.     (These natural timber mushrooms are pretty handsome also!) Remember pompoms from childhood. Have you…

How to Make a Paper Napkin Ring for Children

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  How to make a Paper Napkin Ring that children will love! Make a bear, or a rabbit, or perhaps create your own fun animal? With thanks to Staedtler for the opportunity to try these crafty pens.  It’s hard sometimes to create a happy family mood around the dinner table when it’s the very end of the day, mama’s rushed and…