How to Make a Small Pom Pom with a Fork

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A quick and easy tutorial. How to make a small pom pom with a fork!   I needed some pom poms for a little craft activity I was doing the other week, so I whipped them up in literally minutes using this cool technique. Thought you might like to know how too. I’m on the look out for a giant…

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Doll

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how to make a tooth fairy doll pm

How To Make A Tooth Fairy Doll No. 24 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series   Ned lost his second baby tooth last week, and we needed a little tooth pillow-y thing to pop it in. His first tooth went into a little gold origami box just like this one, but this box is still holding his gold coin…

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland (Autumn)

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how to make a fall leaf garland

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland An activity for children in Autumn using simple sewing.   On the last day of term, Ned’s kindergarten celebrated with an Autumn Festival. (Oh my. I do love a kindergarten festival. Stop by tomorrow for a sneak peek! Better late than never.)  When we arrived, we were invited to head on down to…

How to Make a Fleece Bunny Rabbit for Easter or Spring.

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mummy and baby bunnies

How to Make a Fleece Bunny Rabbit for Easter or Spring.   Here’s another simple wool fleece tutorial for you all, a sweet little bunny rabbit, just in time for Easter.  I love wool fleece. It’s one of my favourite mediums to work with- so so so many possibilities! How to make a fleece bunny- just follow these steps!  1….

Fimo Bunnies for Easter: a how-to tutorial

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fimo bunny family

Fimo Bunnies for Easter or Spring decorations If you are looking for a sweet but simple craft for Easter or springtime, why not try making your own fimo bunnies? They are just perfect for a tiny surprise gift on Easter morning, and small enough to pop in the post for a letterbox surprise for a friend too. They’d be great…

How to Make Homemade Chicken Toys

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ned with fleece chicken 2

 How to Make Homemade Chicken Toys for Imaginative Play or a Nature Table Easter is gaining on us!  Are you a bit behind on your Easter crafting, or looking for some Easter-inspired craft for your nature table?  Here is an endearing wool fleece chicken you can make in about 20 minutes or so.  Why not make a little Easter chicken…

How to make an Easter egg basket from paper: a how-to tutorial

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origami box for easter egg hunt

 How to make an Easter Egg basket from Paper With Easter only just over three weeks away, you might just be needing a quick and easy Easter Egg basket to make with your children in preparation. This one is made of paper, and was inspired by Ned’s Easter kindergarten gift from last year. You need two pieces of paper, one…

Fun New Food Products to make mealtimes easier!

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 Fun New Food Products. Bringing humour and joy into busy mealtimes. A Month of Food Fun:  Day Nine   I’m a BIG fan of quirky food products and unusual things to taste. Ever since I was a young teen, I’ve been on treasure hunts to see what fun new food products I can find on the shelves, whether that be…

Crafternoon Ideas for Girly Gatherings

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Crafternoon Ideas for Girly Gatherings (Subtitled: Monthly therapy for a joyful happy connected life!)   Lately, I’ve been busy. Not the kind of busy I like to be, but busy-because-I-have-way-too-many-commitments busy. (A house on the market, finding tenants, a new necessary job to pay the mounting bills, a new business about to kick off, AND raising my two wee ones…

Handmade embroidered badges on Ned’s kindergarten sleep sheets!

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handmade embroidered badges

When Ned started kindergarten this year, we were given a list of things to bring. One thing was a set of plain cotton cot sheets for rest time. When we arrived at school on the first day, Ned saw that his symbol for his bag hook was a turtle. So as a crafty mama, this gave me inspiration to craft…

And the winners of the Toby’s Travelling Circus DVDs are…

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toby's travelling circus

Congratulations to my five winners…. You’ve each won a copy of “Toby’s Travelling Circus- Roll up, Roll up!” with thanks to Roadshow Entertainment.      Loving your choice of circus jobs! Made me laugh out loud. So, is your name here?   Melanie W “A tight rope walker scary but challenging and exhilarating at the same time alot like being a…

Crafternoon Tea 2013 Wrap-up

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crafternoon tea 8

Crafternoon Tea 2013 Wrap-up   So, if you’ve been reading a while, either here or on my old blog, MamaMoontime, you’d have seen my posts on our girly get-together crafternoons. I LOVE these monthly events. They are my sanity savers, my chance to spend time with the best crafty girlfriends one could ask for, an opportunity to try yummy new…

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

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How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

  How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher 3D Pop-Up Doll Dard No. 23 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series   With Christmas approaching, lots of people start thinking about Christmas gifts for their child’s teacher. If you, like me, have been blessed with a teacher who has shone a bright light upon your child and loved them…

Simple Paper Puppets For Kids To Make

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Simple paper puppets for kids to make No. 22 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: The King with moving limbs   Dolls can be made very simply just by using paper and a few paper fasteners (brads). This paper doll has moving limbs, so would be a lovely puppet in a puppet show. This is also something children can…

How To Make A Doll Out Of Felt

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how to make a doll from felt

How to make a doll out of felt No. 20 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: “Tom, the Baker’s Son”, a wet felting and sewing activity for children   Wet felting is such fun for children, and it is even more fun when they can make something out of the piece of felt they have devoted hours to. This…