How to make a caterpillar and butterfly toy using a knitting nancy and wool

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caterpillar butterfly prop

  A knitting nancy, that marvellous invention of yesteryear, can help us to make a delightful caterpillar toy story prop that can be easily transformed into a butterfly.  (Learn how to use the knitting nancy here) This simple handmade toy is perfect to use in retelling the ‘Hungry Little Caterpillar’ story with your children. You might like this fun idea too….

How to card wool with children

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There’s a step between a shearer shearing a sheep’s coat of wool, and holding a ball of wool in your hand that is often overlooked.  It is the process of ‘carding’.  This is simply brushing the clean fleece so that all the fibres run in one direction.  In modern times, this work is done by a machine but in the…

How to make an Angel using wool fleece

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Here is how to make an Angel from wool fleece.   I like to use a small angel as my helper in the lead up to Christmas. I simply hang a strip of blue ribbon from a high point on the wall and make my angel (who has a safety pin attached to her back) travel down the blue ribbon…

How to make a knot bird using wool fleece

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Here is how to make a knot bird, as promised! First, take a length of wool fleece, about 20cm long. Tip:  Use your hands to separate the wool from the roll, rather than scissors to cut it.  Pull gently to separate the fibres. This is commercially dyed flcece that has been professionally ‘carded’ (like brushing it with a comb to…

Simple bags and baskets to make with fingerknitting

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Here are a few ideas of things to do with fingerknitting! Why not make a paper basket ( the base is a circle, cut from a rainbow painted piece of paper. Four cuts are made on the diagonal and a hole punch makes the holes for the ribbon ties and handle).  It is perfect for a gift bag for a…