Make your own ‘moving picture’ drawing with an Easter hare for storytelling: a how-to tutorial

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Collette Leenman easter picture


My friend, author Collette Leenman, asked me if I’d like to share this ‘moving picture’ illustrative craft with my readers, and of course, I jumped at the chance!  I love Collette’s work.  Two of her books, Easter in Autumn, and Enchanted Birthdays, are favourites of mine. Her artwork and drawings bring the content to life.  Definitely a worthy investment.


Collette writes, ‘with Easter approaching here is a moving picture which is suitable for a young child in the Southern Hemisphere’.


To make it, you will need three layers of cardboard.


1.  The back layer of cardboard can be left as a rectangle and coloured to look like grass or an autumn scene in the background.

2.  For the front layer, cut out and colour a pumpkin in a similar shape to this one.  The pumpkin needs to reach about half as high as the background.

3.  Glue these two pieces of cardboard together with strips of glue at the sides. Leave the top and bottom open.

4.  Draw an easter hare on the third piece of card.  (If you need inspiration, here’s a link for a whole heap of pencil illustrations of hares.)  Cut around the outline of the cardboard hare and attach a long strip of sturdy cardboard or a wooden ‘tongue depressor’ stick, like a popsicle stick but longer and more sturdy, to the back using clear tape.  (Find ‘tongue depressor’ sticks in craft stores and on ebay too.) The stick becomes the handle for the child to hold onto.

5.  Insert the hare between the front and back layers and invite the child move him all about.

6.  When your ‘moving picture’ is finished, you can tell a little story about the shy Easter Hare hiding behind the pumpkin and peeking out to see if anyone is coming so he can deliver an Easter egg. The child will imitate your movements with the stick and get the idea of what to do.


Collette has a new facebook page Libran Press and she would love it if you popped on over to say hi!


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