3 New Creative Ideas for Goodie Bags at Birthday Parties

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3 New Creative Ideas for Treat Bags at Birthday Parties


Ever since I was little, it has been the done thing to go home from a party with a little bag of party favours or lollies. I actually don’t remember a time when it didn’t happen. But somewhere along the way, treat bags at birthday parties have become super-sized and are sometimes filled with a bunch of cheap-shop plastic junk I’d rather not have in my house. (More stuff….oh no.)

Sometimes though, a birthday party treat bag is just right. These ones ooze with goodness, and thought and care- that someone has actually put a bit of thought into what might be appropriate, or sweet, or eco-friendly, or reflective of community values.

Last weekend, I took Ned to his mate F’s place for a pool party.  It was a delightful morning, with swims in the pool, chats to the friendly pony, pass the parcel and healthy treats, all under the shade of the big old trees by the house.

When we left, his mum handed Ned a little gift bag.  When he opened it, this is what he found…. a handful of shells from F’s local beach, a handmade card featuring one of F’s dad’s photos, and a packet of flower seeds to plant in your own garden.

Simply lovely.

You might like this idea too. I know I do.


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