Find the Perfect Gift for Dad with this handy infographic!

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Find the Perfect Gift for Dad

This post is in collaboration with Pitchi


Father’s Day is this week. Oh my. These special days just creep up on me so quickly and every year, I’m stumped as to what to buy my Dad or Chris (dad of my boys.) They simply don’t NEED anything and while both men are happy to receive a heartfelt gift, they are not into ‘junky things’ just for the sake of a present. It makes gift-giving tough. I’m not one to scour the shops for long either, and when I do, I have to duck and weave to avoid those cheap & cheerful themed gift box sets that parade at the front of many big stores.

Most of the time, I end up with the most uncreative gift of all… a gift card with a dollar value to spend at a big hardware store, or at a book store. But buying a gift card feels so soulless to me and I’m never truly comfortable with it.

I’ve often thought there must be a better way.

And there is!

Pitchi to the Rescue!

Pitchi is an online selling platform that uses videos to show the products, and this year, they’ve created two fantastic gift guides that may help point me in a new direction. These are life-savers for time poor mums like me! You can just follow the prompts and find the perfect suitable gift. Then, the best a one-minute video about the gift to make sure it is just what you are after. You can’t go wrong.

I LOVE clever design and Pitchi one-minute clips do a superb job of showcasing these products. The best bit of all, by purchasing something from this list, you are creating a win-win-win-win. Buying the perfect gift for dad, no need to hit the shops, buying something made by an Aussie, AND supporting local startups, micro businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s magic!

(For links to any gifts you think your dad or hubby might like, click here. The direct links are listed in the section marked ‘featured gifts’ below each infographic. Click on the bolded title of your gift to open and watch the video on your screen or to buy!)


find the perfect gift for dad

The Perfect Gift for Chris

Chris (my boy’s dad) is a big-time coffee-lover but someone who likes to make his brew at home. The Hologramer Capsule Slide for the Nespresso capsules keeps them all neat, tidy and most importantly accessible on the front of the fridge for that 4am wake up call. It’s my pick for him. It’s cool looking AND super handy.

Pitchi Gadget Infographic Final

I’ve Found the Perfect Gift for Dad!

My Dad, on the other hand, might find the Chipolo Item Finder quite handy. He’s forever losing or misplacing his car keys, torch, camera accessory and this tool helps you track it by ear. It can even help you back track your steps to find the last place you saw the missing thing. I think I might need one for my car keys too!

What’s your pick for Father’s Day?

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