Art With Leaves: Little Leaf Girl

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art with leaves

Project #12: Art with Leaves

Little Leaf Girl

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Glorious fun on a sunny day!


I wanted to make art with leaves and fashion a fairy skirt for a little leaf girl doll and although I thought of many ways I might do it, I came back to a trusty old favourite of using pipe cleaners for the body. But this time, I wrapped the pipe cleaners with fresh flax fibres.  It’s a bit tricky to make it hold well but I love a challenge. I hope you do too. (Reminds me to add some pipe cleaners into my Nature Crafting Toolkit. Pipe cleaners are so handy to have around!)

art with leaves 2

1. Take a pipe cleaner and bend it in half. My pipe cleaners are the good quality ones (not from cheap shops) that measure 15 cm long. Pop a gumnut on top of the fold. The pipe cleaner wire will hold it in place.

art with leaves 3

2. Attach a second pipe cleaner to make the arms by wrapping it around the first one like so. Trim the arms as needed to make them look natural in size, leaving about 1/2 cm extra on each side.

art with leaves 4

3. Find some fresh flax or banana leaves. Peel a tiny thread from your chosen material, about 1-2 mm wide maximum.

art with leaves 5

4. Starting about a centimetre out from the tip of the pipe cleaner, begin wrapping the flax thread towards the tip, then back again. If you run out of flax thread, hold the end, then repeat this step overlapping the new thread over the old. Work your way back towards the centre of the body.  Repeat this step on the opposite arm.

art with leaves 6

5. Tie off both threads to each other at the back, as well as you can.

art with leaves 7

6. Attach two leaves -one at the front, one at the back- using a 20 cm length of string. Wrap this on a diagonal and be sure to catch the string under the hard tip of the leaf at the base. This will help to hold the fairy dress in place.

art with leaves 8

7. Repeat step 4 with the flax-wrapping on both legs also.  Tie off the leg threads around the centre of the body to secure the flax in place.

art with leaves 9

8.  Take a 3 cm piece of wool fleece (or your choice of hair material).  Fluff it out in the middle, then tie off the ponytails on either side with a piece of cotton or string.

art with leaves 10

9.  Glue the hair on top of the gumnut.

art with leaves 11

Our Little Leaf Girl.

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