10 more creative ways to display flowers in the home

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Fresh flowers.

Don’t you just love them?


There is one thing that transforms a house into a home.  That thing?  Fresh flowers.  It doesn’t matter if they are a professionally arranged display or a tiny drooping bunch handed to you in a cone of silver foil from a little 4 year old, flowers bring a little bit of happiness to the heart.


I used to struggle to spend money on flowers that bring only a bit of temporary love.  I’ve been guilty of forgetting to pick a bunch for a friendly morning tea or playgroup session.  But when I look about my house and it feels neglected or cold or just a little bit lonely, I’m often inspired to dash out and snip a few.


Flowers need vases. And I need creative ways to display flowers in the home. Over the years, I’ve had all kinds. Big ones. Little ones. Brightly coloured ones. Beige ones. Glass ones and pottery ones too.  But I’ve now got two favourites.  I like to use the big white ceramic water-pouring jugs from Ikea for fancy displays and long sunflowers.  For a tiny drop of ‘flower love’ sunshine inside, I like to use those teeny baby glass bottles found in the Continental showcase in Woolworths holding apricot nectar. They come in a six pack for $5. A bargain really. 6 bottles for $5 AND you get to drink the nectar from the fruit tree Gods.  I bought 30 of these for Ned’s 3rd birthday party friends just so I could keep the bottles!


Oh, and I just love vinegar bottles too.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can often be found in op shops for less than 50 cents.  So funky.


I remember my ex-husband, poor dear, giving me a bunch of flowers when we first met.  As someone whose livelihood’s mantra was ‘beauty, truth, goodness’ I was somewhat surprised to find they were plastic. (They were such a good likeness I had leaned down to smell them.)  He desperately needed training.  Fake flowers are dreadful.


It was a memorable day the first time I bought myself flowers. I was living in a very dodgy backpackers in Florida, working at a cheap and cheerful market (The well renowned Swap Shop for those of you in the know) and decided to treat myself to a bunch of yellow daisies.  I carried them carefully to the bus stop and sat there waiting for the bus with a fellow backpacker.  The next moment, her bag (complete with passport) was snatched and she set off after the culprit, running into a patch of ‘no man’s land’.  Not wanting to leave my friend alone, I set off after her, flowers in tow.  The thief dropped the bag, sans purse and walkman, before he scaled the tall fence in a backyard and she was able to retrieve her world-travelling pass.  But my flowers didn’t quite fare so well and came home with me slightly droopy after their afternoon adventure.


Nowadays, my self-indulgent flower purchases do happen more regularly.  If I happen to be visiting a market or a fete, my money is spent on good food and fresh flowers.  Rarely anything else.  I buy them for myself and smile.  Joy, Joy, Joy. They really are a Sprinkle of Joy.


Good food and fresh flowers… yep, these things make my day.

Now, just for you… another 10 creative ways to display flowers in the home.

  1. Baby succulents in a glass hanging teardrop pod (hanging terrarium)
  2. Baby succulents in a deep baking dish… reminds me of a fairy garden!
  3. Place single stem flowers in a line-up of scientific test tubes in a wooden holder
  4. Use upside down light globes and hang them on string from the rafters
  5. Carve out a big butternut pumpkin and fill it with water for a vase
  6. Hang a row of clean baked-bean tins along a verandah, perfect for small bouquets
  7. Wrap a small glass cup with the foliage or broad leaves and tie it in place with string
  8. Pop a sturdy herb into an old gumboot filled with soil. Extra points for painting the gumboot with a fancy pattern!
  9. Use a tin watering can.  Paint it in a bright pop of colour. Line up two or three for effect.
  10. Egg cups in pastel colours make for pretty vases too!


What do you think about flower style??   Do you have a favourite?? 

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