DIY Toy Butterfly Made Out Of Paper

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Butterfly Made Out Of Paper


Project #6:  DIY Toy Butterfly Made Out Of Paper

Personalise it by cutting it from painted paper

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy.


I love a good way of using up some of my children’s paintings. (Although you can make a watercolour painting particularly for this craft of course!)  And I love butterfly crafts. So this butterfly made out of paper is a good mix of the two for project 6 of my 30 days task.

Here’s what to do:

Butterfly Made Out Of Paper 2

1. Paint

Gather your piece of painted paper.

2. Cut out template

Draw a butterfly shape on a piece of paper. When you are satisfied with your shape, fold your painted piece in half (colour facing in) and trace the shape onto the paper.  Cut it out.

3. Fold body

Make a fold line between the wings and the body.  Fold this back and forwards, both ways.

4. Hole punch

Punch a hole on the tip of each wing (as shown). This is where you will attach the string or wool for ‘flying’.

Butterfly Made Out Of Paper 3

5. Find your Y stick

Head outside to find a lightweight stick shaped in a Y.  Lay this flat on the coloured side of the paper in the groove of the body.

6. Stitch

Use your favourite thread to sew the stick in place.  Start from below, and go over and under the stick until you reach the tail.

7.  Tie

Tie off your thread on the back of the butterfly, out of sight.

8.  Curl

Attach a 40 cm length of wool (I used magenta 100% wool) to the butterfly wings through the punched hole.  Tie a third piece of wool to the tail end of the stick.  Use a long pencil or a thin stick to curl the wings (both sides) inwards slightly. This helps the butterfly to sail nicely in the sky.

When this is done, pull up all three pieces of wool and tie them to a thick stick or piece of dowel. This is your carry handle. Your butterfly is now ready for flight!

Butterfly Made Out Of Paper 3

Butterfly Made Out Of Paper 4

Butterfly, butterfly, colours softly sing  

Spread your wings and flutterby, pretty little thing


Butterfly Made Out Of Paper 5

Butterfly Made Out Of Paper 6

I can’t wait to see a whole swarm of butterflies out and about.

Will you be making one? If you are, please leave a comment to let me know.  




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