Easy craft ideas for kids: felt ball peg caterpillar

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easy craft ideas for kids


Project #3: Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Felt Ball Peg Caterpillar

Time: 20 minutes maximum

Difficulty: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


I have a stash of pure wool felt balls floating around my craft room and I wanted to use them up so I came up with this easy craft idea for kids. You just need a bit of glue, some green paint, and a paper clip or bit of wire.  But the end result is pretty cute. You can buy an assortment of pure wool felt balls -small sizes- (so much nicer than the cheapo shop synthetic ones- I can’t bear an ugly craft) from my friend Jo at Indigo Inspirations for about $3.

easy craft ideas for kids 2

All you do is to first paint a wooden clothes peg with green paint and leave to dry.  Then cut a piece of wire or trim a paper clip to about 2.5 cm and push it through the top of one felt ball.  Twist the ends to make the antenna.  I stitched on two eyes and a red mouth using bullion knot stitch.  But you could probably paint them on, or use sticky eyes too.

Easy craft ideas for kids 3

Then I used pva glue to stick your favourite coloured felt balls onto the peg. When it is dry, he is all done.

Wouldn’t the children love to use him in play, or to tell stories?

He can also become your very own bill muncher, keeping your bills together until they are due (or overdue!)  I’ve snaffled this one and kept him for my own use!

Easy craft ideas for kids 4


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