Easy Flower Craft For Kids: Fairy Dancing Queen

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easy flower craft for kids

Project #1: Easy Flower Craft For Kids

Fairy Dancing Queen

Time: 10 minutes maximum

Difficulty: Easy Peasy


And so we begin!

A whole month of nature crafts.

Fun! I hope you’ll come and see what I’m up to, and hopefully you’ll join in too.

I would love to make a gallery of some of your creations so please take a pic when you have a go at something, and send it to me.  amber@educator101.com.au

I hope to do this each week, so long as I have some pictures to share...so please start sending your pics! Please don’t be shy. 

easy flower craft for kids 1

My first project was a wee one, but cute nevertheless.

1. All I did was take this purple flower from my friend Ronnie’s garden and turn it upside down.  You could use any flower you like, in your favourite colour, so long as it will sit nicely and balance, and has a stem to attach ‘arms’ and ‘head’ to.

easy flower craft for kids 2

2. I took a fine piece of stick and positioned it across the stem of the flower.

easy flower craft for kids 3

3. I then tied it to the stem using pink baker’s twine. (Oh, I love baker’s twine.) I trimmed the ends of the twine too.

easy flower craft for kids 4


4. Then I added a baby gumnut with a little bit of beeswax inside the gumnut to hold it and stick it in place.

Sweet, isn’t she?  You could make 12 Dancing Queens (or Princesses) in all different colours, shapes and sizes.  Now wouldn’t that be something!



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5 Responses to “Easy Flower Craft For Kids: Fairy Dancing Queen”

  1. tea

    i’m from Italy and we don’t have gumnuts here. what can I use to make the ballerina’s head? would a baby acorn be alright?
    thanks so much. I love this craft!

  2. Tea

    Hi Amber,
    could you please let me know what we could use instead of gumnuts to make the ballerina’s head. We live in Italy and we don’t have gumnuts unfortunately. Congratulations for your amazing blog!

  3. Amber Greene

    Why not try a small plain wooden bead? That would work! A little compromise on nature, but we do what we must. Thanks for your lovely comment!

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