How to make a caterpillar and butterfly toy using a knitting nancy and wool

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caterpillar butterfly prop


A knitting nancy, that marvellous invention of yesteryear, can help us to make a delightful caterpillar toy story prop that can be easily transformed into a butterfly.  (Learn how to use the knitting nancy here)

This simple handmade toy is perfect to use in retelling the ‘Hungry Little Caterpillar’ story with your children. You might like this fun idea too.

This is how you make it. Here below are two finished pieces of wool from the knitting nancy.
To make the caterpillar, I sewed on two purple beads for eyes, and propped it up with half a wooden skewer.
That is it. Simple.
Simple is often best, I believe, as it gives children an opportunity to realise that their simple idea or activity can truly be fabulous.
They can believe in themselves and their ability, rather than think that something is beyond their skill or capability.
Did you notice I made two?
The second one became the butterfly.
Same purple eyes, but this time I attached a piece of tulle for the wings and a thin purple thread to hang it by.
Here is a tip:  This tulle was purchased from one of those cheap shops in the Wedding/Party section. These tulle circles are designed to wrap around candied almonds for the bonbonierres and come in packs of 20, in various pastel hues.





What else have you made using a knitting nancy?

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