How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture

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How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture

Project #11: How to make fairy garden furniture

Doll house furniture using tree branches


Time: As long as it takes to find the right branch, let it dry, and use a saw to cut it up

Difficulty: Complicated for those without right tools, but there is an answer!


I have a confession to make. I did not make this craft. But I had to share this ‘how to make fairy garden furniture’ idea as those of you who love being in the garden, who are fond of woodwork, or who like the challenge of making things from wood branches will LOVE this one. For those of you, like me, who aren’t so much that way inclined, you can BUY these kinds of things!  Perfect solution for everyone I think.

They are pretty easy if you have a nice straight dried tree branch on hand.

How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture 2

The table is just a slice of a tree branch (5 cm in width by 1 cm) glued to a smaller piece of branch (about 2.5 cm in width by 3 cm.)

How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture 3

How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture 4

The chair is cut from a branch (7 cm by 3 cm) using some kind of saw. Perhaps you can suggest which kind of saw you would use to help out those PFE readers who might like to try their hand….

How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture 5

But me, I invested! If you would like to invest in this sweet nature craft too, visit here for the table and here for a similar chair.


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  1. Marie

    I’m going to make this with an assisted living facility for crafts! I simply love it!

  2. RLMRQ

    Late to the party but love this post ❤️ The chairs were fairly easy to make with a jigsaw.

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