How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark

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how to make felt flowers

Project #22: How To Make Felt Flowers:

DIY Bookmark

Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Making flowers is lovely fun!


I needed a new bookmark, and inspired by the twistie rope that keeps the communication book at Ned’s preschool open for us to read and write in, I thought I’d make a flower inspired one. I learned how to make felt flowers many years ago and I’ve used them for hair embellishments, on journals, in 3D sculptures and now on a bookmark. I love useful crafts and this is an adorable way to keep my page in my book. Helpful too, as I am one of those annoying people who insists on bookmarking their page by turning the corner of the page down. My books might be thankful for this craft too!

how to make felt flowers

1. The first thing to do is to make a twistie rope.  (You can find this in the ‘fun basics’ section of my blog, under the category ‘Make‘.  Have you ever checked this category out? This is where I pop all my crafty essentials”, skills that can used again and again and again. Pop by if you haven’t checked it out and see what other crafty things you can pop up your sleeve.)  When I make a twistie, it’s nice to have someone, adult or child, to hold one end. But if you don’t, pop it around your toe like this.

2. Knot the end of the twistie as shown. Put it aside in a safe spot.

3. Cut your flower patterns. You’ll need four pieces of felt in varying widths (1 cm smallest, 4 cm largest), each about 8 cm in length. Cut your favourite patterns. I did close loops, but you can do points, or grass blades…

4. Thread a needle with thick embroidery thread and tie a knot about 3 cm from the end of the thread. This stops knot slipping through felt and gives you something to hold on when you ‘gather’. Run a straight stitch from one end of the felt to the other, as close to the straight edge as you can.

how to make felt flowers

5. When you reach the end, pull on both threads to gather the flower in. Tie a knot tightly to create a flower shape.

6. Repeat with all four pieces.

7. Layer the four flower petals, one on top of the other like so.  Add a pretty bead to the top centre and stitch the four layers together to make a juicy flower.

8. Attach the knotted end of the twistie cord to the back of the flower with a stitch too. Cut any loose threads.

how to make felt flowers

Your flower bookmark is ready for action. Makes me want to stop what I’m doing, and jump into bed with a book!

(The one in the picture is MY book. WOW. I wrote it. I still can’t believe it is real!)

how to make felt flowers

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2 Responses to “How To Make Felt Flowers: DIY Bookmark”

  1. Sue Morris

    I made the felt flowers today Amber for 3 ladies that I know, they came together really well. I had to make the widest flower 10 cm as opposed to 8 cm it seemed to work better.

  2. Amber Greene

    OH Sue, wonderful! LOVE that you are still popping in here! Brings a smile to my face when friends pop by! Have a great day. xx

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