How to make your own simple bird feeder

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All you need is a pine cone, a long piece of ribbon or string, some peanut butter, and wild bird seed.
Tie the ribbon around the centre stem of the pine cone, leaving two long ends free.
Tie the ends together to make two loops, as shown, for hanging.
Be sure to use some kind of tray as it is kind of messy!
Little fingers just couldn’t resist!
Use a knife or the back of a spoon to smooth peanut butter (cheap and cheerful brand)
 all over the pine cone scales.  Two tablespoons should just about do it.
Pour a small amount of seed into your tray and roll the peanut pine cone in it.
This bit is great fun!
You can also drop bird seed onto any areas that are a little sparse.
Hang it up in a wide open space outside,
such as on the end of your verandah or to a tall branch of a tree.
Greet your sweet new bird friends with a smile!
You might even hear a special thank you song!!

2 Responses to “How to make your own simple bird feeder”

  1. Cath

    What a great idea! I just bought some wild seed mix a few weeks ago and we collected pine cones on a whim at soccer last Saturday — thanks to you it has all dove-tailed into a lovely activity for school holidays.

    Really enjoying your blog!

  2. Amber Greene

    Woo hoo!! Don’t you love it when you have all the stuff to do a how-to without spending a cent? It makes my day. Sounds like it made yours too. happy peanut butter pine coning!

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