How to plant a succulent in a teacup

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Find a lovely teacup and saucer in a charity shop.
This is easier said than done as many teacup sets now are priced as though they are antiques.
It really is a treasure hunt to find a set for under $2.  Have fun searching!
I set up a big bucket of soil and gave the children spoons to scoop the soil into their cups.
Plant succulents.  Oh, don’t they just sound juicy?
My friend Carrie gave me a whole heap of cuttings from her garden (thank you!) and I found another plant that could be broken into lots of baby shoots too.
Add decorative stone on top of your soil.
And a few little ‘friends’ for colour…
I bet herbs could be planted in teacups too.
Beats them sitting in a plastic pot.
Don’t you think a teacup is way more lovely?

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