Make your own tic tac toe game

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make your own tic tac toe game

Project #24.  Make your own tic tac toe game

Paint your own Bumble Bee and Ladybird game pieces using stones, and sew up a Leaf Games Board

Time: Paint needs a little drying time between coats but this can still be done in half a day.

Difficulty: Acrylic Paint Fun. Keep wet towels and newspaper handy.


Here’s a simple nature-inspired activity for a weekend or a wet day. Make your own tic tac toe game of noughts and crosses using stones you find at the river or the beach. All you need is some acrylic paint, and a sealant, a piece of felt and a bit of cotton.  It’s cute to boot.

make your own tic tac toe game

For the leaf game board, cut out a leaf shape from a piece of felt or fabric. Mine is about 12 cm wide, and 15 cm long. Cut four thin strips from felt for the cross bars. Position them so that you can fit your game pieces in all squares. Pin in place. Use back stitch to carefully attach the felt strips to the front face (only) of the leaf.

make your own tic tac toe game

For the game pieces, you’ll need 10 medium sized river stones. Paint the tops of your stones (five red, five yellow), leaving the front third of the stone free of colour. This is the ‘body’. Leave them to dry.  When fully dry, flip the stones over and repeat.

When ‘body’ paint is dry, paint the bare part of the stone ( the ‘face’) with black acrylic, both sides.  For the bees, paint two narrow bands around the body also.  For the ladybird, paint a black stripe down the centre. At the tail end of the stripe, paint a small black triangle to suggest the area underwing.  Add ladybird spots on either wing too.

When all stones are completely dry, paint each stone with a sealer such as modpodge, to keep your game pieces in good working order and looking gorgeous.  Time to play.

Best of three?


make your own tic tac toe game


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