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Project 15: Nature craft activities for kids

Simple Play: handmade ‘Busy Businessman’ toy

Time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Children can make versions of this guy for puppet shows and play


I had one lonely little gumnut sitting in my craft box last week, just waiting for a transformation in the nature craft activities for kids series. It didn’t even have a little nob on top and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then Ned picked it up and started playing with it like a little person. An idea flashed. We decided to make him into a father figure. But he was a little plain-jane for me. So we added a tie. And in a second, he was not just a man, but a business man. A busy businessman in fact. Complete with his own smartphone. (Beeswax and a piece of paper clip.)  All set to begin his busy working day.

I think he must be a little lonely to return home by himself at night so Ned and I are on the lookout to grow his family.  When we find some, and make them, I’ll post a pic.

nature craft activities for kids 2

1. Find a gumnut. Hopefully, the little tag at the top of the gumnut remains in place. If not, attach a tiny piece of stick with beeswax like I did.

nature craft activities for kids 3

2. Place a tiny piece of beeswax inside smaller gumnut and place it over the tag. The beeswax will hold the head in place.

nature craft activities for kids 4

3. Paint glue around the rim of a third gumnut and place it on the second gumnut for a hat. Now, he just needs to get dressed.

nature craft activities for kids 5

4. To make his necktie, cut a tie shape from a piece of felt and embellish as you like. I like spots. Spots rule. Use a thread to stitch this felt to a piece of wool or string.
nature craft activities for kids 6

5. Tie the necktie in place so Mr Busy Businessman can get to work.

There he goes… ring ring. The day has begun.

What characters might you make?  Ned and I would love some inspiration of what family member we might make next?



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