Nature craft using seedpods

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nature craft

Project #2: Nature Craft using seedpods

Sweet Woodland Sprite

Time: 10 minutes maximum

Difficulty: Easy Peasy


nature craft 2

Last year, I was lucky enough to be involved in a seasonal swap, where the task was to make and send a small handmade parcel for one lucky (new) swap friend.  My gorgeous parcel included a tiny calico bag of seedpods, including these ones with the long stem. I’ve been wanting to find the perfect nature craft using seedpods project for them and this is it. Perhaps you can find a similar seedpod where you live…  (Anyone know what tree these come from?)

nature craft 3

I broke off part of the stem, leaving just enough to hold a bead upright.

nature craft 4

nature craft 5

I then cut out a spiky triangle pattern like this from a scrap piece of yellow cloth.  (Mine was about 5 cm long, 2 cm in width)

nature craft 6

I ran a gather stitch along the straight edge, keeping my needle and thread as close to the edge as I could. Then I pulled in the two ends of the cotton to make a round that would fit the sprite like a golden coat.

nature craft 7

I painted the tip and the top end of the seedpod with PVA glue to keep the bead firmly in place, then placed the felt coat to sit firmly around his ‘shoulders’.

nature craft 8

Then added another little seed from the calico bag seed surprise pack for a hat.

nature craft 9

The final touch was two eyes and a sweet smile. He’s a keeper.



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