Nature Table Waldorf: Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll

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nature table waldorf

Project #26: Nature Table Waldorf

Mother Earth Pine Cone Doll

Time: 15 minutes plus pine cone ‘treasure hunting’ time!

Difficulty: easy as falling off a log!

Yesterday, I made a gnome using a pine cone and I promised another pine cone craft today. Pine cones are not the easiest of nature finds to work with- they are a bit limited by their shape and design but they do make wonderful body shapes and I could just picture Mother Earth, (and perhaps her fellow friend and colleague, Mrs Thaw?) rugged up in her warm shawl as she tends the earth in the last few days of winter. Can you see her too?

Nature table waldorf

1. Fill a large (yes, large!) bead with PVA glue.

2. Pop it onto  the top branch of the pine cone for Mother Earth’s head. Set aside to dry.

3. For her apron, cut two small 5 cm squares from felt. Round off the corners slightly.

4. On one of the pieces, fold 1 cm of felt towards you on the top edge and stitch it down using straight stitch.

nature table waldorf

5.  Put this piece of felt on top of the other piece. Blanket stitch around the perimeter of the apron bag. Cut a piece of leather long enough to wrap around the width of your pine cone and tie off. Stitch the apron to the centre of the leather strap.

6. Tie the apron onto Mother Earth.

7. Dab a bit of glue on top of the bead.

8. Place a piece of wool fleece (or cotton wool, or a bunch of knitting wool strands tied together in the centre) onto the head and press down firmly to secure her hair in place.

9. When this is dry, drape a squarish scrap of muslin fabric over Mother Earth’s head and pull it in close around her shoulders so it looks like she is holding her shawl closed against the North Wind’s brisk chill.

 nature table waldorf

P.S: If you are using her on a Nature Table, you might like to make these trees as a prop too.

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