Puppets For Children: Handmade Puppet Stand

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puppets for children

Project 17: I love puppets for children!

Handmade puppet stand using logs and sticks from nature

Time: 15 minutes plus drying time

Difficulty: Adult required.


Yesterday, we made some puppets for children, two cute fish-shaped finger puppets. (At least I think it is pretty cute!)  But one thing I know about finger puppets is that they are often (usually?) stored in a bag, on a shelf, or in a cupboard- hidden away from view. Sometimes, it is easy to forget we even have finger puppets to play with because they aren’t easily accessible. This bugs me. When we (or someone) put time, love, and effort into making a toy or something fun to play with, I want Ned to be able to play with it. I also think that when something sweet is ‘on display’, it jogs the children’s memory and invites them to use it again.

It’s the same with stories that use props. I’d rather have the props out on a shelf, or sitting in an easily accessible basket, so that children can (and will) play with it, rather than being too precious about my ‘story’ and putting it out of reach. It all comes down to trusting that the children will respect the treasures (handmade or not) and if they don’t, showing them how.  Children learn by experience and allowing them access to special things is a responsibility and a privilege but one that can be revoked if necessary.

So, I decided to make a handmade puppet stand using a piece of timber and two sticks. It is as easy as can be, but so practical. And now we can keep a selection of our favourite finger puppets in view. I’m SUPER happy about that.

puppets for children


1.  All you need is two sticks (I used ones about 1 cm thick) and a nice piece of wood or a slab. I used a piece I had sitting in my block pile.  It is half of a timber round, about 15 cm in length. Chris drilled two holes in it for me.  (I’m so NOT a woodworker!) I asked him to place the holes as far apart as possible for my fish friends, but I could have one hole in the middle too. Or space the holes out along two lines, one at the front, and one at the back.


2.  I filled the holes with quick setting super glue.

puppets for children

3. Then I added my sticks of differing heights. Chris trimmed one end of the sticks for me too.

puppets for children

This simple but clever handmade puppet stand works so well! That’s my kind of craft.

But it could be used for other things too…

What would you use this stand for?



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