Storytelling prop: crystal pond for frog

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Storytelling Prop

 storytelling prop 1

Project #14: Crystal and water reed lined storytelling prop: ‘pond’ for a little frog

Time: One hour or so

Difficulty: Watch out for the super glue!


About 10 years ago, I was telling my kindergarten children the story of the Frog Prince. And while I don’t always use a storytelling prop when I’m telling an oral story, it can help capture children’s attention (especially those who see a lot of television and whose inner-picture making ability might not be so strong or easily engaged) and ‘fire up’ their creative imaginations for their own play. So from time to time, I like to make simple things that I can use.  I wanted to create a small pond. I already had a little beeswax frog from an activity of modelling a week or so back, so whatever I created needed to be just the right size for him. I was a little bored with using a piece of cloth and I was really stuck until I happened to glance upon a craft stall one day and see a slice of agate that someone had cleverly rimmed with baby crystals. Hey, presto. There was my pond. So I bought a piece of green-hued agate from the gift shop at Thunderbird Egg Park and brought it home. Then with the help of my daughter, we made water reeds using wool and added a bit of magical bling too. I must say, it was a home fit for a frog prince.

(A little note: If you are visiting the Gold Coast and can’t face any more crowds, or you want something off the beaten track to do, then definitely make a detour to visit to Thunderbird Egg Park. Children can dig for their own Thunder Egg and hopefully find their own treasure inside. There is also Adventure Parc,a family-friendly tree climbing adventure course, plus plenty more. Remember to take a picnic!)

storytelling prop 2

To make your own crystal pond, start by preparing the water reeds.  Take three or four strands of knitting wool in ‘reedy’ colours. I like to use wool from Uralla Wool Room, 100% pure wool, triple stranded.

storytelling prop 3

Cut lengths of about 4 cm.  Then untwist those fibres so they become curly.

storytelling prop 4

Join a few strands of different colours together to make it more natural looking. Then fold the lot in half.

storytelling prop 5

Lay the reeds on a sheet of paper, and paint the little reed piles with a fabric stiffener solution. I used ‘Stiffy’. (Yes, I know.) Shape them as you like. Leave to dry overnight.

storytelling prop 6

Lay out your piece of agate on a flat surface.

storytelling prop 7

When the reed bunches are dry, use super glue to fix them strategically in place around the edge of the agate. Add a line of super glue to the border and add baby crystals to the rim.

storytelling prop 8

Add bling as you like.  Sequin stars…

storytelling prop 9

 and glitter too.

storytelling prop 10

View from the top.

storytelling prop 11

Side view too.

storytelling prop 12

As for the little Frog Prince, I do rather think he might be rethinking his destiny… wouldn’t you if your home looked as snazzy as this!

Have you any other ideas of what else you might use a piece of agate for?


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    Thanks Katrina. I’m thinking of doing 30 days of beeswax crafts including the frog… would that be interesting do you think?

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