Outdoor Playground Ideas: music, worm farms, mudpits, and chalk drawing walls

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Can you imagine an outdoor playground with all these things?
*a music tree

*a teepee



  • a worm farm (oh, those juicy worms!)
  • a veggie bed
  • a mud pit
  • a bike and car track
  • paint and chalk walls
  • a bamboo screen cubby
  • moveable features and differing terrain.
Future planning includes:
  • tube telephones
  • a moveable series of connecting pipes for water/cars/balls or other creative ideas
  • cut timber rounds for stepping stones/tables/stages/seats
  • hiding/posting spaces
  • coloured material screens
  • and a homemade weather station
This and more is on offer at the Cook Playrooms for ACT playgroups.
Fiona Jarvis, Development and support worker, wrote an article in this season’s Playgroup Qld magazine and spoke of this and more…
I really like her idea of “magical music”.
Fiona writes,
“create the possibility of sound and movement by hanging chimes in trees. Include other items, such as spoons, wooden items, pots and pans.  Hide tiny bells in bushes and trees, place PVC talk tubes so children can throw voices to other parts of the play yard.  Build giant ‘thunder drums’ out of steel or plastic barrels, buckets or bottles.  Include colourful scarves or lengths of fabric on trees or bushes around the area to help create a special, visually appealing space  that moves and flows in the wind”

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve always believed there might be fairies and elves somewhere in the garden….
Why not entice them to come out by offering them a magical door into the world of the children??
You might like to make your own.
Plenty of ideas here.
Fairy Door inspiration


Or save up your pennies for a Juliette Balconey or Pixie Window  made by Gary from Bentsticks.
Aren’t they just magnificent???

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