Periwinkle Preschool: Recycled Handmade Wooden Children’s Playground!

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Paved play area
Fort and slide
Tree swing
Vegie patch and soon-to-be mudpatch!
Yes!!! Mudpatch for digging!!!
Lucky children.
Balance Beam
Swings and Flying Fox
Water pump for children to pump their own water for play from the well-hidden water tank
designated just for this purpose.
Climbing net
Climbing dome
And a trampoline.
Doesn’t it just look like juicy, succulent fun?

5 Responses to “Periwinkle Preschool: Recycled Handmade Wooden Children’s Playground!”

  1. Jane (and Lou)

    We used to have a digging (mud) patch (separate from our garden patch) at my pre-school in Vict. We provided proper shovels and spades with the gumboots. Such a winner! Thanks for sharing more of periwinkle.

  2. Amber Greene

    I love that! Proper shovels and gumboots too. They would have felt like real little gardeners. I’d love for every child to have access to a mudpit at school/kindy but just imagine the spare clothes you’d need!!

  3. Toni D

    We do go through many spare clothes, but it is well worth it! Just dropping in to say thank you Amber! You saved me today as I somehow managed to delete all my bookmarked sites. It just so happens that many of your favourites are mine too. Cheers x

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