Playing with sticks, a child’s exploration of the world of nature

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I just love this post about the power of sticks written by one of my best girlfriends, Jen on her blog, Lavendilly

That documentary ‘Babies’ has just been released on DVD and I think this article also proves what has been shown by the African babies.  That sometimes, less is truly more.  Not more and more toys, but instead ACCESS to what is often called ‘Loose Parts’, that is, many open-ended things (often from nature) that can be put together by the children in a myriad of ways, each play scenario different from the next through the use of their imagination and the scope of ‘toys’ that are unlabelled.

Sticks like these?  Perfect example of a loose part.

Want the key to happiness?
I think these children have found it!

Take a read. It is so worth it.
A Pile of Sticks

3 Responses to “Playing with sticks, a child’s exploration of the world of nature”

  1. Ericasue

    I am amazed at the mothers in our neighborhood who refuse to let their children play with sticks. None of them have even been able to really give me a reason why. I think my child is the only one allowed to play with them. He has sticks collected in a pile by our door and he is so creative with them!

  2. jenny miller

    Me too, Erica Sue! We have a couple moms in our homeschool co-op who did not like the kids playing with sticks. Several of us disagreed and allowed ours to continue their play, just away from the others. Their reasons for not wanting to allow the stick play was the children were playing “violent” play and that others could get hurt. None of the children were trying to hurt anyone, they were simply playing! We have a stick collection, too :)

  3. Amber Greene

    Yeah EricaSue and Jenny!!! We should start a stick society!! Wouldn’t that be something. I definitely need more sticks, long ones, and knotty ones, and big chunky ones…. It might be time for a stick hunt!

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