Water Play at the Eco Village, Currumbin Valley, Queensland

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Don’t you just love this?
A water pump in the sandpit!
Children have to really really work at it to get it going…
Seeing the first rush of water requires will and fortitude and determination to keep pumping even when they think nothing is happening….
(Kind of reminds me of life sometimes.
 Sometimes, we just have to slog along, trusting that our efforts will be rewarded some day)
And then the water starts…
and it flows down the channel, down and down and down along a bamboo track, where it can be collected for mudpies and sandpit cakes.
I’d love one of these in my garden too.
Wouldn’t you?

4 Responses to “Water Play at the Eco Village, Currumbin Valley, Queensland”

  1. Katrina R

    Hi Amber, great to see the new website up and running! This has taken me a while to respond back to!! Can anyone use the playground, or is it for residents and their guests only?

  2. Amber

    Hi Katrina
    Thank you. Yes, it’s been a mission but we got there in the end. A.

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