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An article by Belinda Connelly, of Fairy Thread .

Water is amazing stuff!

We humans are made up of mostly water (at least 70%). I recently heard water referred to as ‘nature’s solution dillution’. I love that as I know water benefits our bodies so much! Personally, if I forget to drink enough water during the day I find myself feeling lethargic, unable to think clearly and may even feel a headache coming on.
Our children are already familiar with water from their gestation period and it’s little wonder that most of them seem to delight in playing with it. But did you know that while they are swirling, mixing, dripping, splashing and pouring they are actually paving the way for mathematics?
Laying the foundations for maths occurs way before children step foot in a classroom. In fact, it begins right back at birth as the infant becomes aware of and interacts with everything in his surroundings.
Water play helps children to learn about concepts such as volume and measurement in their own natural way. Bath time is great for water play.
It is a good idea to provide a small jug for pouring and a couple of different sized/ shaped containers. As the child pours from jug to container he may recognise how it does not fill much of the large, wide container. However, when the same amount of water is tipped into the tall, thin container it is almost full. The child wonders, thinks, ponders, hypothesises, explores & makes his own discoveries!
This does not have to be something forced or taught – play is joy -children are always learning the knowledge they require. We as parents can trust that this will unfold naturally if we provide the right tools. What a beautiful thing!
Thank you Belinda.
What a great reminder!
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  1. Indigo Inspirations

    Great info Belinda….I used to love watching my children play with water when they were little ones and it is the first thing I get out when we have little visitors in warm weather…♥

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