How to make oven bake clay jewelry like brooches, badges and medallions

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How to make oven bake clay jewelry like these brooches

In most craft shops, it is possible to find something called Sculpty Clay, or Fimo.  (I remember Fimo from when I was a child.  My mum loved to wear big chunky necklaces made from this stuff!)
It comes in all the colours of the rainbow, and when your creation is perfected, you just pop it in the oven to cook for 15 minutes or so and it comes out ready-to-wear!   Each block of clay costs about $6 each, but you can sometimes find ready-made packs of smaller blocks with a six colour selection- in the primary colours, secondary colours, pinks and purples, and browns/tans/blacks.   These sell for about $18 so are a cheaper option for a home activity.
You can also buy brooch backs for about $2 a pack of 10, or ribbon to thread necklaces.
Our children and mama’s have been busy making their own creations.
And these are Ned and my examples.   The rubbish truck is a copy of his Moondew symbol, the Star is a symbol belonging to another friend.
To make necklaces, use a skewer stick to round out a small hole in the top before baking.

Have you any other ideas for sculpting clay?

What have you and your children made??

3 Responses to “How to make oven bake clay jewelry like brooches, badges and medallions”

  1. Cheryl

    We love Fimo around here. Everyone can make something to be proud of, in a matter of minutes (plus baking time). Your brooches look so beautiful and fun.

    Last year we used it to make the faces of a garden goddesses (idea courtesy Twig and Toadstool). The goddesses have been out in the elements all year and they are still perfect. I’m planning on more Fimo outside fun this year!

  2. Pip

    we love Fimo…. it’s great to share a love i had as a child with my children1 we like to make plates and cups and food for our tree house people!!

  3. Amber Greene

    Oh, Cheryl, it is fab to know the stuff can go outside. I have been wondering how to make some little herb plant tags but the air dry clay melts after a while. You’ve got me thinking!

    Pip, that is a great idea too. One of my moondew mama’s showed me something she bought from Etsy yesterday- a set of dolls in a fabric bag having a tea party with a fimo cake! Once she gives me the link, I’ll post it. It is super cute!

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