How to personalise your own socks with rainbow colours

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You will need some fabric markers or crayons.
The Pentel Fabric Fun crayons were great. You can use a pencil sharpener to transform the blunt sticks into points for writing too.
(Don’t bother with the crayola brand- they are rubbish on socks. Actually, rubbish-full stop. These are the first crayola product I wouldn’t buy again)

And a blank pair of socks.

Colour to your heart’s content!

To make the colour permanent, you will need to heat set the crayon wax.
Just lay one sheet of white A4 paper on a towel, put the socks on top, and a second sheet of white paper to make a sock sandwich. Run a hot iron (as hot as you can get) over the sandwich for a few minutes. Be sure to iron both sides of the socks.
Then, it is time to don your rainbow feet covers.
Many of us have difficulty keeping hats and socks on children during the colder months, yet as most of our body heat is lost through these extremities, we need to persevere in the hope of staving off that wretched winter flu.
Anything that can help our plight is a cause for celebration, don’t you think?
I think I might know quite a few little children for whom sock-wearing is about to become a treasured habit. You might too!
And not only children love rainbow socks.
In fact, I’d bet there are more than a few of you mama’s and wild women out there just dying to make your own.
Go on! Buy a pair of socks in your size and design your own art.
Living art. I like it.
I also like warm feet in this chilly weather.
We’re playing a sock game with our funky socks.
I’ll post it soon!

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