Tap Tap construction game for children

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Have you ever seen this Hammer Nail Tap Tap game?
They are sold in sets-  shapes, or animals, or houses or trees.  Each set comes with a number of timber pieces cut into the specific style, pre drilled with a small hole.  There is also a cork board, a container of tiny brass pin nails and a wooden hammer. I store my two sets- farm and shapes- in a Tupperware first-aid box.

Ned loves this game. With just a little supervision, at 3 he is capable of tapping the nails into the shapes to make simple pictures.  They might not look like pictures to you or me, but he sure knows what the story is :)

Of course, Ned knows that when you work with tools, you need your ‘safety glasses’ on. (My husband’s version of ‘safety glasses’ at home is an old pair of sunnies.  Hence, Ned’s sunglass safety shades)

Ned was given his own set of real tools for Christmas by my sister.  Here, he snaffled the metal hammer and substituted it into his tap tap game.  I just love games like this that in a roundabout way help to prepare the children for other tasks such as hammering and nailing their own tool box or putting together a real timber doll’s cradle.  When we show children how to use tools and give them a supervised opportunity to actually have a go at something real and worthwhile, just imagine how capable they will grow up to be.  Namby pamby doesn’t work.  If we want our children to gain skills, whether it be learning how to cook, or chop vegetables or wash up, we have to risk a few broken plates, a minor cut or squashed finger or two.
Thank goodness for band-aids, dustpans and ‘magic’ skin that regenerates in just a few days.

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  1. Sandi

    Funny I bought the boys this the day before you posted this. Has been a great game for the boys when Eden comes home from school. Good no contact game for tired boys xx

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