Easy Welsh Rarebit Recipe On Toast

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Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast

“Welsh Rabbit”

Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast


When I was a little girl growing up, my Grandpa was known for his speciality recipe all of us grandkids just loved, and demanded. He called it ‘Welsh Rabbit’. These days, I know it as ‘welsh rarebit’ but honestly, as a kid, I did think Welsh Rabbit was the real name. And now, I’m passing on that name to my kids too. Welsh Rabbit it is!

It’s not the most presentable of meals, but it IS one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten. So worth the questionable look!

And it is easy to make. And filling. My grandpa almost had a Welsh Rabbit factory line, such was the demand for more and more and more.

So here is the recipe. Give it a try. It’s yummy! And perfect for school holiday lunch.


Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast

Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast

Ingredients: This is enough for four slices.

  • A mugful of finely grated cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of english mustard
  • Cold milk, about a tablespoon, but enough to wet the mixture but not make it sloppy
  • Four slices of bread, pre-toasted


Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast2


1. Put the grated cheese and milk into a bowl and mash with a fork until well mixed

Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast3

2. Add the mustard to the cheesy mix. Stir well.


Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast4

3. Scoop this mixture onto the toast and use the fork to spread it out evenly, to the edges of the bread

4. Place the toast under the grill. Watch it carefully as it begins to rise and pop. Strangely, the more the cheese ‘pops’ and blackens, the better and more rich the flavour when eating.

Easy welsh rarebit recipe on toast7

5. When it is done, it looks this this. Cut each slice of toast into four fingers. It is so good, it will be gone before long! Grab a piece before the kids wolf it down.

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  1. Diana

    My Grandpa used to make “welsh rabbit” too! Extra tasty with ploughmans loaf and welsh collier’s cheese :-)

  2. Amber Greene

    Happy days! So cute to hear that. These grandpas were funny men! Ploughmans bread would be fab, I can imagine. Yum.

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