How to make Chocolate Spiders using Chang’s fried noodles

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This is all that is left!
If you like a mix of chocolate and peanut butter
you’ll love these!
Chocolate Spiders.
Supposedly, they are an Australian classic- sold at fetes and fairs everywhere, but I confess to only having my first try at my friend Merridee’s house late last year (Thank you, Merridee!).
My fate was sealed.
Firstly, melt a 200 gram block of chocolate with 2 very generous tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter.
I used the microwave, firstly for 30 seconds, then I set it for 10 second sessions, stirring in between to ensure the choc didn’t separate and turn to goo.
When your chocolate mix is smooth, add a packet of Chang’s fried noodles.
Stir it all together until it the noodles are well covered, then scoop out one tablespoon of the mix per spider of the mixture onto a foil-lined dish or tray.  Pop the tray in the fridge to set.
Share the treat with your best friends.

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  1. Deb

    We make these too!! Shape into a slightly flatter nest shape and top with 2 sugar coated choc eggs to make easter nests!

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