Michia’s Chai: Chai tea suppliers for lovers of good chai

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chai tea suppliers

Michia’s Chai: Chai tea suppliers

If you LOVE chai, you’ll love Michia’s concoctions.


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Michia is a local girl on the Gold Coast making the freshest Chai around. Operating for over 3 years now, Michia’s Chai grew quickly once people found out about its handcrafted Ayurvedic goodness and its unique range of exciting flavours.  Indulge in the chai blends that are filled with super foods, and handcrafted with sought-after Ayurvedic spices that heal the mind and body with their powerful ingredients.

Hand-crafted and made to order

Michia is famous for her fresh chai’s because they are handcrafted locally on the Gold Coast, and are made to order. Her customers are always saying how nice it is to smell the product through the packaging. I’d vouch for this too. She has been told that many a mailman has been tempted to rummage through the parcels in the back of the postal van, to find his (or her) way to that glorious spicy sweet smell.

Great for families

Families love Michia’s chai too, as it is safe, as well as tasty, for the whole family. She even has a unique Children’s Chai blend which has tried, tested and endorsed by kids who just LOVE it.

The ritual of making a pot of chai brings the whole family together. Children love the absolute goodness of a warming and soothing cup of tea, based on organic chamomile, fennel, cardamom pod and pinch of sweet liquorice root, and it just perfect for the kids who are having difficulty settling at night time.

Michia’s Chai is also made carefully with Ayurvedic spices which are specially formulated for mums-to-be, and breast feeding mothers as well, as the spices encourage milk glands to produce more breast milk.

Why not try one of these favourites?

If you are a fan of sweet and spice together than the Organic Chilli Chocolate Chai is the one for you, because it is based on organic super food Cayenne Pepper, Raw Organic Cacao and Liquorice Root.  It’s a winner. The other popular variety in Michia’s range of fresh chai is her delicious Dandelion Chai which has powerful antioxidant benefits, and is fantastic for when you are kicking your caffeine habit.

Why Chai?

Michia is a dedicated chai lover herself and found herself making fresh chai for the Ayurvedic qualities that chai conveys and its healing natural warmth.  The four primary spices are used in Michia’s chai are cardamom, ginger black pepper, star anise, and cinnamon. Cardamom and ginger are considered to stimulate spiritual purity, but also reduces mucus, relieves gas, calms the stomach, stimulates ‘agni’ (digestive fire), and eliminate toxins. Cinnamon is similar to cardamom and they are good for the circulation and the heart.  You’re literally drinking your health onwards and upwards with Michia’s Chai.


The Healthy Living Philosophy

Michia’s love of Chai is matched by her love of yoga, Ayurveda’s ‘sister’, and she lives and breathes her healthy philosophy through her Michia’s Chai venture, her work as a yoga teacher, and as a mother of 3 young children.


Where can I find Michia’s Chai?

Michia’s Chai can be found in yoga studios around the Gold Coast, as well as health food shops such as Go Vita in Mermaid, and Santos Organics in Byron Bay.  You can order a hot cup of Michia’s Chai at restaurants such as The Pocket Burleigh, and the Cardamom Pod in Broadbeach. But the best and easiest place to buy Michia’s chai is online here.


To make a pot of Michia’s Chai is simple.

Place 1 tablespoon of chai into the infuser, top with boiling water and allow to seep for a minute or two, then add your favourite type of hot milk. Some like to try coconut milk with the Chocolate Chai, and Almond Mild with the Ayurvedic Low Caffeine Chai.  You can also add a dash of honey or sugar for extra sweetness.



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