• Each educator is running their own business, paying their own tax and super, as well as all associated business costs. All educators currently pay a $1.75 per child per hour educator levy on your behalf. (ie: $1.75 per hour of their hourly rate goes direct to Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care.)
  • This levy is the educator and parent contributions that ensure your educator meet governmental legislative requirements to run their business, as well as attend all foundation training, and seasonal craft and planning sessions.  Educators must also attend at least TWO creative boosters (Saturdays) to ensure they meet our educational and professional development requirements of early childhood.
  • Each educator must set their own fee. Fees range from approximately $10.05 to $14.50 an hour before Childcare Benefit or Childcare Rebate is applied. All educators do have a daily minimum on their hours of attendance and families are charged for these minimum hours regardless of usage. Usage beyond the minimum hours is charged in minute increments.
  • If you wish to find out what your out of pocket expense might be per day, visit
  • Fees are based upon the educator’s experience, qualifications, program they offer, availabilities, the uniqueness of their home or venue, special considerations, ages of children they care for etc.
  • When you meet with an educator, they will provide you with an Information Pack including our Parent Handbook and their own Statement of Fees. It is your choice whom you choose to use, and the fee will be one aspect you need to consider.


Please note: Educators are able to increase their fees once a year on the 1st day of January in line with CPI.


Enrolment Fee


  • Parents must pay an enrolment fee of $60 per family. We process this fee, with your consent, within 2 days of your online enrolment via Hubdebit.  NB: Please ensure you tick the ‘direct debit’ option to allow RBFDC to process fees on your behalf.
  • We also charge a $60 continued registration fee once per year, on the anniversary of your child’s start date each year.  The enrolment process cannot continue until the enrolment fee is paid.


**We waive the initial enrolment fee if families are coming to us with a new educator transfer.



Fees due at commencement


  • A Security Bond is due before care can commence**. This acts like a rental bond, and is held by the service until you give notice to cease care.
  • The Security Bond is equal to four weeks fees. This is two weeks security deposit (this is the non-refundable portion), and two weeks to cover ‘the fortnight we are currently in’ as due to Govt requirements with the Childcare Management System (CCB/CCR payments to families) we process timesheets AFTER care is given.
  • The security deposit is approximately equal to your OUT OF POCKET expenses after CCB and CCR is deducted over a 4 week period. Our accounts manager will generate a forward invoice to give you an estimate of this amount in total.

**Please note, payment plans for 50% of the security deposit are available. Enquire with our accounts manager.  

  • The Security Deposit is safely held in our Bond Enrolment Account as security for your educator.
  • We will process the security deposit through Hubdebit with your permission once we have placed you successfully with an educator of your choice and you have a start date.
  • This childcare bond must be paid BEFORE your child can commence care.   If a payment is not successfully processed, we regret that the position may be forfeited.


*Please note, Rainbow Bridge FDC is not responsible for any charges relating to an unsuccessful attempt to direct debit fees from a family account (eg hubdebit fee, RBFDC administration fee of $40) .  Hubdebit charges will be the sole responsibility of the family in question. 


Invoices to be paid within 7 days of issue


  • Please note that all payments will be processed via hubdebit the day after invoices are sent out. (Friday, once per fortnight.)
  • If a payment is rejected, and invoices remain outstanding beyond 7 days, care will need to be ceased as educators cannot be left out of pocket for care already given.
  • A $40 administration fee will be automatically generated and placed upon  your account if a payment rejects to cover time spent following this up.


How to pay fees


  • ALL fees (with the exception of the food levy- see below) are payable to Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service office via direct debit on Hubdebit.
  • Educators hand in their fortnightly attendance sheets to the office. Our accounts manager then submits these to the CCMS.  We receive notification of CCB and CCR refunds and issue these to your educators at the end of the submit week.  Rainbow Bridge educators are paid the balance (the parent portion) of their payments the following Friday once the hubdebit payments from families have cleared. At  Rainbow Bridge, we support your educator and make it possible for them to focus upon the children by invoicing and receiving fees on their behalf so they are not burdened by chasing late fees.
  • All fees must be paid by fortnightly direct debit to RBFDC via our HUBDEBIT system.
  • All families can either pay via credit card, or bank account.  (Unfortunately, due to higher fees, we do not have facilities for American Express)
  • Invoices are sent out every second Thursday via Hubworks. Fees owing on these invoices are direct debited from your account on the Friday of the same week.

Other levies and fees (where applicable)


  • Parents may also be asked to contribute to a ‘food levy’ of not more than $10 per day per term that your child attends. For example, if your child attends two days per week, your food levy for the “winter season” (3 months) would be $20 total, paid in cash direct to the educator. Educators will put out an envelope for you to pay the food levy on the first day of each new season. (Four times a year- 1st March, 1st June, 1st Sept, 1st Dec)
  • Please make this payment promptly so the educator can buy her supplies wholesale in bulk for use during that term.
  • Educators may also charge for nappies, meals, transport, etc.  Please see your educator’s statement of fees for details before confirming your enrolment.

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