Birthday Celebrations (Waldorf inspired) for 2 year olds

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Birthday Celebrations are a special time in a child’s life.  It is a day where the child steps over a yearly threshold.  Each year, the child grows and changes and we observe as they travel through different “epochs”. (eg baby-toddler-boundary pusher-mama’s helper-fairy and elf friend…. this goes on throughout life)
It is wise mother and father who recognise these epochs and takes care to value the stages with all their different gifts and challenges.  I think KNOWING that each epoch is different and that we need to respond to the child in ever new, creative ways depending upon their epoch stage is a really valuable bit of support for us all on our parenting journeys.  Parenting calls us to ‘renew’ ourselves and stay attentive to the task at hand.  A birthday celebration then, can become a reminder of the new and oft turbulent road ahead, whilst giving us a chance to breathe and gather courage.

At Moondew, we celebrate birthdays very simply, remembering that we have children from aged one through to five, with differing attention spans and social graces.
There is a simple song, about a star that shines and gently comes to earth to take on this physical plane and life journey.  “You are welcome”, we sing.  It is an acknowledgement that they have made some form of agreement to take this journey- the one called life.  There is a special star candle (actually two- one for the celebration, and a small one to take home and burn at the dinner table with their family)
The child is acknowledged with a Happy Birthday song.  All the children and families join in with exuberance. The child blows out their birthday candle (This year, it is sitting on top of our “favourite-thing- to-eat-at Moondew” breadroll!) and is given a small gift. The two year olds receive a birthday box, with their own little bell inside.  Now, they can ring the bell for dinner!

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  1. Kylie

    Amber, would you be willing to share your birthday song? We tell a short birthday story at our playgroup, but i’m thinking that a short song for the smaller ones would be even better.

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