Inventive cakes for children’s birthdays: pile of “dirt” cake pops

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Ned wanted a cake with Bob the Builder.
So we made a ‘dirt cake’ surrounded by a retaining wall!
The Dirt Cake was simply the recipe for Red Velvet Cake Pops  but without taking the last step and making them into balls.
We added a retaining wall made of Violet Crumble (honeycomb covered with chocolate) squares and an icing mixture (butter, icing mixture and a drop of water) to stick them all together.
Considering I’m not a builder in any way, shape or form, I don’t think we did a bad job at all. Certainly holds back the dirt.
Poor old Bob seems to have sunk into the dirt.
Did Ned love it?  You might say he did.
When the candles were blown out, the children (with clean hands) were able to take a handful of “dirt” and make their own cake pop.  They then dipped their cake pop into melted chocolate and their choice of sprinkles.
The best bit was eating them!

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  1. Ronnie

    That’s one awesome cake Amber. I have just made two cakes in the last five days for my children and whilst looking online for inspiration “discovered” the world pd cake pops and I am keen to try them out. The DIY aspect of your cake would be so appealing – I love it.

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