Ned’s Birthday Celebration at Moondew Playgroup 2011

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I can’t give too much away as this is a special occasion for Moondew families,
but Ned did finally have his turn at sitting on the Rainbow Throne.
Our little Moondew friend
Sits on the rainbow throne
For today, is the one day,
they can call their very own!


Ned couldn’t wait to open his gift and was super happy to finally have his very own candle snuffer, complete with pink and orange ribbons!



Moondew birthday gifts vary depending on the age of the child, but 3 year olds receive their very own candle snuffer.  You can just imagine the thrill!
And we needed a new dinner time candle of course, to mark the occasion.
This slightly skewed rainbow candle (nope, not the candle- just my photo!) was made for us by our friends Arki and Ben.  We’ve been waiting for a special day to finally light it, and on Tuesday, we did.
Hip Hip Hooray!

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