Christmas Candle Holders To Make: Kite Paper Covered Illuminated Jar

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christmas candle holders to make pm

Christmas candle holders to make

Tree-inspired Glass Tealight Holder using Kite Paper

Project 7 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting.

A few years ago, I was inspired by my friend Margaret at We Bloom Here when she posted a tutorial about making lovely winter lanterns.  All of the families at my old Moondew playgroup made one for our winter walk up in the mountains when we went to visit the glow worms.

For this craft, I’ve remodelled the idea for Christmas time, making a simple decorated tree-themed landscape that is pasted onto a small tealight glass holder from Ikea.

Of course, you can do any theme you like. I’m thinking about a set of three covered in simple holly leaves and berries for a gift for Ned’s teacher.  They would look so lovely lined up on her dining table over the festive season. But a Santa or Reindeer one could be super cute too!

I’d love to see what YOU might come up with. Send me your pictures!

Make your own Christmas Candle holder:

Photos left to right, plus top to bottom in square box.

christmas candle holders to make

1. For this craft, you’ll need kite paper. Rachel at Rainbow Tree stocks it for under $9. (I love this stuff. Worth the investment.) Cut out a strip of paper to match the height of your glass jar. Fold it concertina style.

2. Make yourself a small tree template. Place this onto the paper and cut it out.

3. Separate the pieces.

4. To make the baubles for the tree decoration, use a hole punch to cut out some tiny circle confetti from a bunch of coloured kite paper.

christmas candle holders to make2

5. When you have all your shapes cut out, it it time to glue.

6. I use Modpodge for this task, but you can use PVA glue just the same. A sealant is the necessary thing.

7. Paint your entire glass with the glue.

8. Place your trees (I had 5) around the glass, spaced evenly. (Helps to do a trial! Woops. Almost a fail, but luckily I saved the project from oblivion)

christmas candle holders to make3

9. You’ll need stars like the one you see here as well. Glue them to the top of the trees.

10. Add your festive flair. Pops of colour!

11. Allow your candle to dry in the sun.

12. A simple Christmas craft that everyone can do. Such fun too. Perhaps one for the Advent experiences calendar….?

What kind of theme will you make?




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