Cute Christmas Nail Art Ideas

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OMG! Easy and fun cute Christmas nail art ideas for Christmas Day.

I love a bit of quirky. (‘Quirky chick’ is even on my business card!) And I do believe I’ve never really grown up. I still love my Japanese cutesy stationery as much as I did during my teenage years, I’m completely enamoured by a rainbow or a sweet toadstool, whimsy (dictionary: playfully quaint) should be my middle name, and I do love a good bit of glitter eyeliner.

So of course, I was mesmerised by this lovely video of cute Christmas nail art ideas. Such a sweet voice-over to a very cute but simple ‘crafty’ idea too. I LOVE it. And I might just even have a bit of time on Tuesday to make a little Santa or gingerbread love on my nails.

You’ll have to watch so you can tell me… what is YOUR favourite design?

Will you join me in a little bit of cute Christmas nail art?

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