How To Make A Free Standing Doll Elf For Christmastime

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how to make a free standing doll pm

How To Make A Free Standing Doll Elf For Christmastime

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Project 11 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting.


Last month, in the 30 days of Dolls series, I showed you how to make a standing doll flower fairy. I love this very basic concept of using a tube of felt with a flat base to create just about any kind of character you want. And because you pop a 20 cent coin in the bottom for weight, they stand up beautifully.  (You can use the lid of a jar also, especially if you want to go taller and bigger.)

This tutorial, how to make a free standing doll elf, is another design perfect for the Christmas lead-up. My Ned is slightly Christmas-obsessed at the moment, and we are talking all things Santa, Elves, Gnome in the Home, Reindeers, and of course, presents, and he’s been building a house for Santa and his friends. He’s just snaffled this elf to join the fun!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you another cute version of these: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!  He’s too cute.

Standing Doll: Christmas Elf

how to make a free standing doll 1

1. Cut a square of felt approximately 10 cm tall and wide enough to wrap around a 20 cent coin.

2. Fold the square in half along the height and blanket stitch the seam together.

3. Cut a piece of felt the size of the coin, then sew it onto the base of the tube.

4. Pop the 20 cent coin into the bottom of the tube, then fill it with wool stuffing.

how to make a free standing doll2

5. To make the head, tie a knot in the middle of a 10 cm long sliver of wool. Place a 10 cm square of cotton ribbing over the top.

6. Tie a thread of cotton around the ball of wool to make the head shape. Make the front side of the ‘face’ and ‘neck’ as smooth as you can.

7. Place the head into the top of the tube. Run a gathering stitch around the top of the felt and pull it in tightly to hold the head in place. Do a few dart stitches in and out the felt and through the material below the head for a bit of extra strength.

8. The elf is standing. Now he needs his hat.

hat pattern for how to make a free standing doll

9. Cut two of these shapes from felt.

how to make a free standing doll3

10. Blanket stitch the two pieces of the template together, leaving the head opening. Add a bell to the tip of the hat.

11. Place it on the head and use blanket stitch to sew it on firmly.

12. To make an elf fringe of hair, cut about 10 lengths of brown wool, each one about 5 cm long. Tie a knot in the centre of each strand. Fold one in half and put the knot underneath the hat. Use a gathering stitch to catch the hair in place. Repeat with other strands of wool, all the way along the front of the face.

13. Give his fringe a haircut!  Then fold his hat in half so that the tip of the hat sits forward. Use a tiny stitch to hold this in place.

doll plain template


All that is left is for you to embellish him. I put on a little white collar around his neck, silver buttons down his front, and sequins along the brim of his hat. It’s amazing what a difference a little embellishment can make.

I’d love to see how YOU decorate your little elf!

(Email me a pic at when your elf is ready!)




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