How To Make Reindeer Food Craft: DIY Gift Bag idea

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How To Make Reindeer Food Craft

Cute DIY Reindeer Gift Bag for Christmas Eve Fun

Project 20 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting.

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A few years ago, I ran two playgroups called Moondew. (It was such fun and a life-changing time for me.) One year, we made reindeer food (here is the recipe we used) and packaged it up in little cellophane bags for the children to take home. It was a very popular thing.

So this year, I thought we might make some again, and give it out to gifts to Ned’s preschool friends.

This is one way to make the gift even more fun, by decorating the little cellophane bags with a cute reindeer. Rudolf with a red heart nose. Sweet.

Don’t forget to add the verse…

Sprinkle on the lawn at night

The moon will make it sparkle bright

As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam

This will guide them to your home!


How to make reindeer food craft: DIY gift bag


how to make reindeer food craft template

You’ll need: card for the top of the bag (see step 1 for sizing), two antlers, two ears, two love hearts for ear inserts, two love hearts for the nose and tip, one golden harness, one oval of brown card for the face, and one piece for the body.

how to make reindeer food craft

1. Cut a 10 cm long piece of cardboard, as wide as the cellophane bag you will be using. Fold it in half. Glue the face oval in place like so.

2. Glue the two antlers behind the face.

3. Glue on the ears, and the love heart ear inserts onto the front of the face. Glue on the nose and tip.

how to make reindeer food craft 2

4. Glue on the harness below the face so that the ends of the harness hang freely.

5. Add brown eyes and small dots for pupils.

6. Open up the cardboard, and glue the back of the cellophane bag to the rear piece of card.

how to make reindeer food craft 3

7. I like to cut about 1 cm from the top of the bag on the front face of the bag only. This makes it much easier to fill.

8. When everything is dry, fill your bag with reindeer food. (See here for the recipe.)

9. Then seal the bag shut by glueing the golden harness flaps to the cellophane bag.  Add your tag embellishments to personalise your gift too!

Have you ever made reindeer food? What is your recipe? Please share it here.



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